GMA’s Robin Roberts returns to show with health update after missing episodes

robin roberts on good morning america november 15
Robin Roberts gave a health update after missing several episodes of GMA. Pic credit: ABC

The recent Good Morning America episode featured Robin Roberts back at the desk as her usual co-hosts joined her.

George Stephanopoulos was in the studio, along with the returning Michael Strahan, who was back on GMA with Roberts.

Strahan hadn’t appeared on the program in over two weeks due to “personal family matters.”

Roberts hadn’t missed nearly as much time as Strahan but had a few recent absences from the program, including the Friday, November 10 and Tuesday, November 14 episodes.

Those absences arrived after Roberts shared a cryptic message on social media, which may have caused some concern.

Her return appearance on Wednesday, November 15, arrived with an update via social media, as she informed fans and followers about her health.

Roberts shared a quick update about her health

Like most mornings, Roberts took to social media to share a video clip featuring her “glam fam” to deliver a morning message and prayer.

Roberts’ Wednesday Wisdom segment opened with one of the glam fam telling Roberts she looked good despite the circumstances.

“Girl, you look better than how you feel, girl. Girl, you look good,” her off-camera colleague said as Roberts laughed about the remarks.

“I’m on the mend, but I’m glad I look good… and I’m feeling better. Thank you. Thank you,” Roberts said.

She said everyone needs their own “hype girls” like she has that help with her mood before delivering the morning message and prayer.

Her message involved having faith that the situation you’re facing right now “will turn around.”

“Good morning! I’m soooo grateful for my #GlamFam & you’ll ‘surely’ see why as we share with you our #Wednesdaywisdom Cmon,” she wrote in her IG post’s caption.

Although Roberts updated everyone that she was “on the mend,” she didn’t share what caused her to miss recent episodes of GMA.

She appeared on Monday’s episode of the ABC program alongside regular co-host Stephanopolous, but Linsey Davis replaced Strahan. Roberts then missed Tuesday’s episode before returning on Wednesday, November 15.

Fans wished Roberts well following her return

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Roberts shared the same video clip on her Instagram page. Many individuals commented about Roberts being on the mend.

“I love this one! Goodness is coming! Continue to mend!” one commenter wrote.

“Happy that you’re feeling better!” another commenter said in part of their reply.

fans comment about robin roberts on the mend
Pic credit: @robinroberts/Twitter

“So glad to see that you are feeling better,” one commenter said, adding, “Did my heart good to see you, George and Michael Jordan…I mean Strahan all together again.”

robin roberts commenter about her health
Pic credit: @robinroberts/Twitter

“Praying you’ll be feeling [100 emoji] real soon. Have a Great Day today. Give Michael a hug for me. I love you guys…. the family is back together,” one individual remarked.

Roberts said she’d happily give her co-host a “big hug” for the commenter.

fan asks for robin roberts to hug michael strahan at gma
Pic credit: @robinroberts/Twitter

Roberts jokes with her colleagues during GMA return

During different segments of Wednesday’s Good Morning America, viewers saw Roberts still smiling and laughing despite not feeling well.

At one point, she talked about the various stars in the building set to appear on the GMA episode, including Chris Pine, Rachel Zeigler, and Viola Davis.

She also mistakenly or jokingly referred to her co-host Michael Strahan as Michael Jordan, which got everyone laughing.

When checking in with weatherman Sam Champion, she spoke about how the nickname for Chris Pines’ character in the new Hunger Games movie might be a great nickname for Champion.

While it’s unknown what had Roberts not feeling well recently, it’s great to see she’s getting better and able to brighten everyone’s days on GMA and her social media.

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