GMA’s Michael Strahan rants about ‘cheating’ after sharing cryptic quote with fans

michael strahan face shot from gma episode on december 19 2023
Michael Strahan during Good Morning America in December 2023. Pic credit: ABC

Michael Strahan is calling out the cheaters as he continues to balance his busy professional and personal life.

The former NFL star for the New York Giants regularly appears as a co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America.

In addition, he’s seen on Fox NFL Sunday with fellow analysts, including Rob Gronkowski, Howie Long, and Terry Bradshaw.

His Sunday appearances on Fox’s show to discuss the weekend’s NFL games bring him to Los Angeles- the opposite coast of GMA, so he missed Monday’s GMA.

However, Strahan returned to the desk on Tuesday beside co-hosts Robin Roberts and Whit Johnson following Monday’s absence.

He also shared several new pieces of content that may have piqued his friends, fans, and followers’ curiosity.

Strahan calls out ‘cheating’ in a chat with fitness star

In a video clip Strahan shared on Tuesday, he’s seen sitting on the edge of a table or desk and speaking with Peloton Vice President and Head Instructor Robin Arzon.

Strahan admitted that he’s “ridden” to many of Arzon’s classes and doesn’t know how she and others have “the energy to do it.”

“And people are cheating. They’re cheating,” Strahan exclaimed as he looked into the smartphone or other device recording him.

Arzon asked if he meant “on the leaderboard,” and Strahan continued his rant.

“I’m telling you right now. I know I’m riding as hard as anybody in that thing. And then I don’t turn it down sometimes,” he said, indicating he thought he should keep the intensity up while riding.

Strahan said he’s still stuck at 2,000 on the leaderboard. Arzon informed him that some leaderboard members are like his former teammates because they’re professional athletes.

“But they’re cheating,” Strahan said, adding, “They’re not turning it down. They probably got some machine running on the treadmill. They’re not even on it.”

Arzon laughed at Strahan, who maintained that others were cheating to get ahead of him on the leaderboard.

Strahan shared a cryptic message after his recent GMA absence

On Tuesday, the GMA star also shared what some might view as a cryptic quote from the Pro Football Hall of Famer.

The NFL legend mentioned being “our own worst enemy” and experiencing self-doubt.

“The person who is hardest on you is usually yourself,” he wrote above a photo of himself.

“We’re our own worst enemy. You doubt yourself more than anybody else ever will. If you can get past that, you can be successful,” a mixture of yellow and white text said on his photo.

Strahan included the hashtags “#RaiseYourGame” and “#MondayMotivation.”

The NFL star didn’t elaborate on how his message might relate to his personal or professional life. In the upper corner of his photo, a logo for SMAC, the company Strahan co-founded, appears.

screenshot shows michael strahan instagram story post referenced about own worst enemy
GMA’s Michael Strahan shares Instagram Story post. Pic credit: @michaelstrahan/Instagram

Strahan achieved numerous accolades while playing pro football for the Giants, including winning a Super Bowl ring, making Pro Bowl appearances, and ultimately, getting inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Since his retirement, he’s moved into a successful career as a TV personality. In addition to his live appearance duties, he appears as host of The $100,000 Pyramid on ABC.

Strahan also has clothing and skincare products as part of his Michael Strahan Brand and the aforementioned SMAC, a talent agency, music, branding, and production company.

Starting in late October, he had a lengthier-than-usual absence from his live TV appearances, as he missed several weekends of Fox NFL Sunday and nearly three weeks of GMA due to “personal family matters.”

The popular TV personality and former NFL star has returned to both TV gigs and joined Roberts and Johnson to present Tuesday’s news.

Strahan hasn’t indicated any other days he might take off from GMA for the holiday season.

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