Glass Onion spoilers: Who is the killer in Knives Out 2?

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Actor Daniel Craig reprises his role as master detective Benoit Blanc in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Pic credit: ©

Daniel Craig is back as detective Benoit Blanc in the anticipated sequel to Knives Out with another compelling case to crack.

In Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, the skilled detective has to figure out which of the guests on an elaborate, hi-tech island may have committed murder.

Edward Norton stars as a billionaire tech mogul who owns the island, and Janelle Monae plays the role of his ex-girlfriend and former business partner.

A murder has occurred before anyone set foot on the island, while another happens while the guests are in attendance for the murder mystery event they received invites for.

Among the suspects are various characters invited to the island, portrayed by Dave Bautista, Kate Hudson, Madelyn Cline, Kathyrn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., and Jessica Henwick.

So who is the killer in Knives Out 2? The Glass Onion spoilers reveal which individual or individuals were behind the chilling crimes.

Glass Onion brings new mystery for Benoit Blanc

Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion has Benoit Blanc (Craig) joining a curious group of characters for an excursion to billionaire Miles Bron’s mansion on an island in Greece.

Bron is the founder of Alpha, a tech company, and has planned out what he describes as an entertaining murder mystery for his guests, who are his friends.

There’s fashion designer Birdie Jay (Hudson), Birdie’s assistant Peg (Henwick), Connecticut governor Claire Debella (Hahn), video game streamer Duke Cody (Bautista), Duke’s girlfriend Whiskey (Cline), head Alpha scientist Lionel Toussaint (Odom Jr.).

Bron’s ex-girlfriend and Alpha co-founder Cassandra “Andi” Brand (Monae) also arrives for the party, which is surprising for Bron due to their broken relationship.

Detective Blanc also shows up, and it’s also to the surprise of Bron, who claims he never sent him one of the invites, a special box that involved various puzzles to solve to retrieve the invitation message.

Blanc’s case involves two fake and two real murders

The initial premise of the story is the guests getting together to have some fun and solve a murder mystery. During a dinner, before the event officially starts, Blanc solves the tech billionaire’s murder mystery in front of everyone, upsetting the host.

However, Blanc privately informs Bron he thinks he’s made the mistake of inviting a group of people to his mansion who could all have the intention of murdering him.

A murder eventually occurs, but it’s not Bron’s death. Instead, it’s the video game streamer Duke who ends up choking after a sip on a drink and falls dead during the party.

Soon after that, Andi goes missing from the party, and shortly after, she’s shot by a mysterious figure’s gloved hand outside the mansion, all while Blanc is trying to get the necessary details from her to solve the murders.

While Andi is shown getting shot at night during Bron’s party on the island, it turns out she isn’t murdered as a journal she’d been keeping in her outfit near her chest stops the bullet. It also turns out she isn’t actually Andi.

Instead, the woman who arrived on the island is Andi’s twin sister, Helen Brand, a schoolteacher from Alabama who asked for Blanc’s help. A flashback revealed that Andi had supposedly died ahead of the murder mystery trip by suicide.

However, Helen felt there was foul play involved, and that’s why she asked for Blanc’s help. They show up on the island together in an effort to fool the killer into thinking Andi is still alive while Blanc tries to figure out who killed Andi. They’re able to do this since news of Andi’s death has yet to hit the news, meaning most of the island guests are unaware.

On the island, the perceived shooting outdoors allows Blanc and Helen to pretend she was killed. While Blanc distracts the other guests, Helen has extra time to try to find a key piece of evidence linking someone to Andi’s murder.

Who is the killer in Knives Out 2?

Ultimately, Blanc deduces that Bron is responsible for Andi and Duke’s murders. Bron’s various friends at the island party previously gave false testimonies during a trial to discredit Andi, claiming that Bron had sketched out all of the ideas for Alpha himself on a napkin.

They did this after Bron had removed Andi as CEO of Alpha due to her trying to halt his launch of a new hydrogen-based alternative fuel Klear that she felt posed safety risks.

While Bron’s friends tried to testify to help him, it turns out Andi still had the actual napkin in her possession proving that she’d originally written the ideas out for Alpha. She emailed a photo of this evidence to the others in the group.

Once Bron discovered this, he had motive to kill her to prevent her from revealing the truth. He attempted to make it look like she committed suicide.

Bron murdered Duke during the party since Duke discovered news of Andi’s death when an alert arrived on his phone. On the day of Andi’s murder, Duke had gone to her house to talk to her. He was nearly hit by Bron’s car on the road, making Duke a witness that Bron had been to her home.

Once Duke learned Andi was dead, he showed Bron the story on his phone and tried to blackmail him into getting some publicity on the Alpha News network. To kill Duke, Bron swapped drinks with him during the party, giving Duke one that contained pineapple, a substance he was deathly allergic to.

With Duke dead, Bron took the gun Duke always carried with him, which is what he attempted to use to shoot and kill Helen outside. With that, Blanc was able to wrap up another murder mystery, assisting Helen in finding the truth about her sister’s death.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is available for streaming on Netflix.

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