Gina Rodriguez shares the significance of her newborn’s name

Gina Rodgriguez
Gina Rodriguez reveals why her newborn son’s name has particular significance. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Gina Rodriguez recently became a mother and has now revealed the meaning of her newborn’s name.

The former star of Jane the Virgin welcomed a son with her husband, Joe LoCicero, sometime in March, and they’ve been loving on him ever since.

Shortly following confirmation of the little one’s birth, Gina shared a sweet post on Instagram listing him as one of her “three favs.”

She listed her son, named Charlie, along with her current show, Not Dead Yet, and the fact that she’s now able to get back into dancing following her pregnancy.

In a more recent interview, Gina opened up about choosing her son’s name.

While at a Mother’s Day event, Gina delved into his name and elaborated on her first month as a new mom.

Gina Rodriguez talks about being a new mom and the significance of her son’s name

While at an event hosted by Orangetheory Fitness this past week, People caught up with the actress and chatted about motherhood.

“I’m, like, in newborn heaven, honestly,” she gushed. “He’s completely developing and evolving every single day. It went from him not making eye contact to making eye contact, him not smiling to smiling.”

Gina continued to note that her son is experiencing new things each day, and along with that comes “a new best moment” between them.

She elaborated that her little one has started to giggle, and she continues to be “mind-blown” by all the ways he’s already changing.

“He’s so freaking adorable,” she continued.

As for the significance of Charlie’s name, his middle name is Ray, and according to Gina, he’s named after two important members of either her or Joe’s family who have died.

Gina added that his name, Charlie Ray, “holds a lot of beautiful ancestors in his name.”

Gina partnered with Babies “R” Us in preparation for her son’s birth

While Gina’s son may be just over a month old at this point, Gina and Joe spent the entirety of her pregnancy preparing for his arrival — and part of that included getting some help from a well-known baby brand.

In an Instagram post from early January, a very-pregnant Gina shared a sunny share of herself, dressed in an all-black outfit, with her adorable dog on a leash and a stroller in front of her.

In the post’s caption, Gina noted that she was on a “test run” with her and Joe’s dog, Summer. She continued to explain that in partnership with Babies “R” Us, she was excited to announce the opening of their first flagship store.

The baby-loving brand announced its return to the US for the summer of 2023.

In a post over on their official Instagram, Babies “R” Us announced they were opening their global flagship store in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

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