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What time is Jane the Virgin on tonight, and when will Season 5 be on Netflix?

What time is Jane the Virgin on tonight, and when will Season 5 be on Netflix?
Jane The VirginWhat time is Jane the Virgin on tonight, and when will Season 5 be on Netflix? Pic credit: Jesse Giddings/The CW

Jane the Virgin is returning to The CW tonight as it prepares to finish its fifth and final season. But, what time is Jane the Virgin on tonight and when can fans expect Season 5 to finally hit Netflix?

What time is Jane the Virgin on tonight?

Jane the Virgin has been on hiatus for a while, which was unusual for not only that show but others on The CW.

However, with Jane the Virgin joining Arrow and Supernatural as long-running shows coming to an end on The CW, it is an exciting time for fans who want to see how the show will wrap up its storylines.

It all starts tonight, March 27, when the final season of Jane the Virgin launches mid-season with “Chapter Eighty-Two.” It will air at 9/8c.

What is most exciting about tonight’s episode is that star Gina Rodriguez will serve as the director as well.

This will be her second chance at directing an episode for the show, with her first coming in 2018 with “Chapter Seventy-Four.” She also previously directed an episode of Charmed.

When does Jane the Virgin Season 5 hit Netflix

The question of when Jane the Virgin Season 5 arrives on Netflix ties into the contract that The CW signed with Netflix in 2016.

That deal stated that all the drama shows and superhero content on The CW will move over to Netflix eight days after the season ends on the network.

There will be 19 episodes in Jane the Virgin Season 5, so if it goes uninterrupted from March 27 to the end, the finale should be on July 31. There is a chance there could be a week or two where it is preempted.

This means the series will hit Netflix as early as August 8, but almost surely no later than the end of August.

Jane the Virgin airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on The CW.

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