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Gary Busey claims he gets special messages from angels after near-death experience 32 years ago

Gary Busey on the red carpet
Gary Busey says angels leave him messages in the form of acronyms. Pic credit: © Carrie-nelson

Actor Gary Busey has opened up about his belief that angels have been messaging him since his near-death experience as a result of a motorcycle crash in 1988.

The movie and reality TV star spoke to The Guardian newspaper about how he bashed his head off the curb and split his skull open when he came off his Harley-Davidson 32 years ago.

He claims he died and went to a spiritual realm where he was imparted with “information” before coming back to life after surgery.

The Point Break star explained: “I passed away after brain surgery and went to the other side – the spiritual realm where I got information, and I came back, and these messages, these definitions, came to me first class.”

He described what he meant by saying he writes down words without thinking and comes up with immediate acronyms, like ‘FAITH’, which the actor says stands for “Fantastic, Adventurous in Trusting Him”.

Busey then went into further detail, describing his experience of the afterlife and the three angels he met on the other side, “I felt trust, love, protection, and happiness like you cannot feel on Earth. It’s the feeling the angels live in.”

Gary Busey met three angels

“Three angels came up to me… I was a quarter of an inch wide and one foot long. That is your soul, and your soul is housed in the column of your spine. Three balls of light came up to me and talked to me.”

The 75-year-old actor claims an angel told him he had a responsibility to mankind, and that he had to look for messages from the angels. He said: “The one [angel] on the left talked to me in an androgynous voice and said the direction I was going in was good, but because of my responsibility to mankind, I had to look for helping spirits around.”

The angel then told him he could return to his body: “Then a light said: ‘You may come to us now or return to your body and continue your destiny.’ And every time he spoke, I felt so loved, like a little baby in the arms of his brother, so when you hear the truth over there, you do it.”

The Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas actor said he felt the accident had left him with a “disordered” mind, but that this helped put him in a “better direction.” However, he stressed he’d not been left brain damaged by the incident.

Gary Busey says the accident was part of his ‘journey’

He doesn’t so much regret the accident as he sees it as “part of my journey, my growing up, my understanding.” And he had another acronym for us: “You never die. Death stands for Don’t Expect a Tragedy Here. It is one transformation from one dimension to another, and it is painless, free, and lovely. I’ve experienced it so that I can say that.”

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