G Herbo responds after Ari Fletcher put his girlfriend Taina Williams on blast, accusing her of hurting their son

G Herbo and baby mothers
Rapper G Herbo has children with Taina Williams and Ariana Fletcher. Pic credit:@latainax3/@msarithedon/Instagram/@G Herbo/YouTube

Ari Fletcher has accused her ex-boyfriend G Herbo’s fiancée Taina Williams of hurting her young son, Yosohn, who she shares with the rapper.

Herbo issued a response, with Williams also firing back with her own statement.

Earlier this week, Fletcher shared a video of her son having a tantrum because he thought she was pregnant with another child.

This led to speculation about Herb’s relationship with his father, G Herbo, who shares a child with Tania Williams.

G Herbo reacts to the viral video of his son

Following accusations of being an absentee father, Herbo issued a response on his Instagram Story with a video.

“What the f**k type of sick individual, human being, do you have to be to want a three-year-old to despise or not like his own siblings,” he said. “I don’t get it. A mother’s relationship with a child and a father’s relationship with a child are two totally different relationships.”

Seemingly in response to the Instagram Story, Ari Fletcher posted a lengthy statement accusing Herbo’s fiancé of hurting her son.

“How about to tell the truth for ONCE. Tell them how my son came home with a scar on him and saying what Taina did to him while you wasn’t home and even tho he told you out his own mouth what she did and he was crying and she didn’t help him and she’s mean to him and he don’t like her and sh*t happened while you wasn’t home,” she wrote.

Fletcher claims she gave Herbo a “whole week” to handle the situation, adding that her baby father or Williams didn’t contact her.

The Instagram model then said she told Williams very respectfully that she could not be around her Yosohn, then said the Chicago rapper said his son was lying.

In the statement, Ariana Fletcher, who is dating Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo, accused Herbo of being an Instagram father.

“That’s why you haven’t seen your son foreal and that’s why he probably doesn’t want me to have no other kids because the way your other babymama treats him. When you finally came to where we live you got him for one day, posted on Instagram and left.”

The 26-year-old rapper responded to the statement in The Shade Room comment section.

“If y’all believe I’ll let anybody on earth mistreat my son y’all ass stupid,” he wrote.

Tiana Williams issues a response to the abuse allegations

Tiana issued a lengthy statement of her own in response to the allegations thrown at her.

“I’ve allowed you to create false narratives about me in the past, but I will not let you create this narrative when it comes to a child that I have so much love for,” she wrote, continuing.

“Anybody that knows me knows I would never lay a finger on him or any child. I have always had to hide my love for Yosohn out of respect for you & your wishes. When I met Herb I knew he was apart of the package. I signed up for this even with all the drama that came with it.”

She calls for the trio to settle their difference “like adults” and accuses Fletcher of constant attacks. She concluded the statement by writing: “I love Yosohn.”

Ari Fletcher doubles down on abuse allegations, plays audio of her son

Shortly after Williams’ posted her response, Fletcher went on Instagram Live, doubling down on the abuse allegations.

The 26-year-old demanded that Williams remove Yosohn from her social media accounts and played multiple audio clips in which her son said he doesn’t like Williams.

He also says he doesn’t want to be left in the house with Taina and says she hit him. Ari then clarifies that Yosohn was hit with a pillow and fell.

Fletcher then added another video to share even more of the recording and more of the story.

Taina and Herbo have not responded to Ari playing the audio of her son when writing this report.

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