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Taina Williams: Who is G Herbo’s girlfriend?

Taina Williams and G Herbo have their photo taken for Instagram
Who is Taina Williams? G Herbo and girlfriend Taina Williams pose for a picture. Pic credit: Instagram/@latainax3

G Herbo and his girlfriend, Taina Williams, celebrated G Herbo’s 24 birthday this week with a lot of exciting activities. Williams made sure there was cake, jewelry, and even a helicopter ride.

Even Ariana Fletcher brought attention to the rapper’s birthday, but it wasn’t for well wishes. G Herbo’s ex sparked some drama that has a lot of fans wondering, who exactly is Taina Williams?

Who is Taina Williams?

Taina Williams is the daughter of the reality star and rapper Fabolous’s long-time partner, Emily B. Many consider Williams to be Fabolous’s stepdaughter despite Emily B and Fabolous being unmarried. Williams herself has her own website and Instagram account where fans can see photos of her modeling and her time with G Herbo.

According to Hollywood Life, Ariana Fletcher accused G Herbo of cheating on her with Taina Williams when their relationship ended in October of 2018. Fletcher doesn’t seem to have any nice things to say about Williams, as fans saw in her Instagram post, which has since been deleted. Fletcher doesn’t want Taina Williams around her son, Yosohn, at all, and has made it very clear.

Although the cheating rumors weren’t confirmed, we do know that Taina Williams and G Herbo formally announced their relationship on January 1, 2019. The two are often seen giving each other plenty of attention and affection in their social media pictures.

Taina Williams’s relationship with G Herbo

Looking at social media, Taina Williams and G Herbo appear to have an exciting and affectionate relationship where the focus is all about each other. When the two announced their relationship to the public, they both shared some sweet photos together on Instagram.

The two already have a reputation for the most memorable birthday items as well. Back in April, Taina Williams Celebrated her 21 birthday. G Herbo gifted her with an expensive watch and made it clear that he was head over heels for her.

To celebrate G Herbo’s birthday this past Tuesday, Taina Williams went above and beyond to make sure he would remember it.

Fans were able to see most of the celebration through Williams’s Instagram story, but luckily G Herbo documented the day as well. The day started off traditionally enough with some cake, but that wasn’t the only surprise Williams had in store. The couple enjoyed a helicopter ride around the Statue of Liberty as well.

Although cake and helicopters are fun, they have nothing on the sentimental gift that Williams had ready for G Herbo. Hot New Hip Hop reported that Williams went to Joe The Jeweler, a very popular jeweler, to create a very special chain for G Herbo. The chain features a picture of the rapper’s grandmother. The Shade Room caught this important scene, if you look closely, you can see G Herbo shed a couple of tears over the thoughtful gift.

Although the couple may have started off their relationship with a competition as to who can find the best birthday gifts, fans are lucky to see the two express their happiness together.

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