Former GMA3 star TJ Holmes shares cryptic ‘war’ quote following Amy Robach affair

former gma3 host tj holmes photo
Former ABC anchor TJ Holmes has shared an intriguing message on social media. Pic credit: @officialtjholmes/Instagram

TJ Holmes has shared a cryptic message about “an ambush” and “war” months after being released from his ABC job.

The former GMA3 co-host was terminated from the network after news arrived about his affair with on-air co-host Amy Robach.

Many people considered their firing controversial, as the network moved in a different direction with their afternoon program.

As Monsters and Critics recently reported, Robach has a new job in TV, which was to feature her name in the show title originally.

Holmes, 46, was initially set to appear on the new show with her, but those discussions ended months ago, with only Robach getting the gig.

Meanwhile, he has shared several intriguing messages recently, which might be aimed at his attempts to get a new job or something else entirely.

Holmes shares message about ‘war’ on social media

Taking to his Instagram on Tuesday, TJ Holmes shared an intriguing post featuring a text quote on a pink, yellow, and orange background.

“What can seem like a painful war against you and what can feel like an ambush at every corner may be a blessing guiding you and breaking you out of the tight and limiting armor that has become too small for you,” Holmes’ quote said.

He included “#todaysquote” as his caption, with the post receiving over 2,000 likes.

tj holmes screenshot of war post on ig
Screenshot of TJ Holmes’ text quote. Pic credit: @officialtjholmes/Instagram

Holmes didn’t give any further indication about the quote, letting others wonder if it related to his former job, attempts to get another gig, or possibly his divorce battle.

Holmes to appear in court in 2024

Holmes will go to court in January 2024 for a hearing in his divorce battle with his ex-wife, Marilee Fiebig. Holmes’ ex-wife reportedly pushed forth the divorce case and also filed a matrimonial addendum.

That addendum sets forth their 10-year-old daughter, Sabine, as part of the divorce proceedings. As of this writing, their custody situation for her has not been resolved.

Holmes still appears to spend time with Sabine, sharing several posts on his IG page featuring her. The most recent arrived last week as he captured an image of her as she played the Super Mario video game.

In addition to Sabine, Holmes has two other children, daughter Brianna and son Jaiden, who are from a previous relationship.

As mentioned, Holmes last appeared on television as part of ABC’s GMA3 with Amy Robach, with whom he still seems to have a relationship. Both were suspended from the network once word of their affair came out in late 2022, and they eventually were terminated.

Robach is set to appear on a new program called On the Record as part of the NewsNation network. While she’s considered the principal on-air host and anchor, her name was removed from the original show. She’ll also have a rotating panel of co-hosts joining her.

Holmes isn’t part of that new program, and it’s unclear if he’s in talks for work at any networks or elsewhere. However, Monsters and Critics reported that he teased he found new work based on another cryptic post he shared mentioning his new morning commute.

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jerry smith
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