First trailer for Pam & Tommy is out and Lily James and Sebastian Stan are unrecognizable

Lily James at The World Premiere of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again held at Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith on Monday 16 July 2018.
Lily James and Sebastian Stan look nothing like themselves in the first peek at their new film about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Pic credit: ©ImageCollectAgency/Landmark-Media

The highly-anticipated trailer for the film Pam & Tommy has finally been released, and fans are freaking out over how unrecognizable Lily James and Sebastian Stan are in their title roles.

Lily had the internet going crazy back in May when she shared a photo of herself from the set, and the similarity to her character Pamela Anderson was uncanny.

The actress sported platinum blonde hair with fringed bangs and wore a super busty lace-up corset top and heavily made-up features, and the resemblance was striking.

People took to Twitter to express their amazement at the transformations of both Lily and Sebastian for the film after the trailer came out.

“honestly, i didn’t even expect too much from the trailer of pam and tommy but the reality is that there are so many Emmy awards winners behind it and we can notice it, it looks SO great. can’t wait to watch all of it,” wrote one user.

Another tweet hilariously commented on the fact that Nick Offerman was part of the movie, saying, “I know Lily James and Sebastian Stan…uncanny and all that…but I’m gonna watch for Nick Offerman.”

Pic credit: @frumosseb/Twitter

What is Pam & Tommy about?

The film will focus mainly on the scandal that rocked the world in 1998 when the now-notorious sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee was leaked and spread all over the press.

The infamous tape, which was initially kept in a safe, was stolen by a disgruntled employee who found the contents within the safe to contain an hour-long video of Pam and Tommy engaging in sexual acts together.

Pam attempted to stop the tape from being released with a lawsuit but reportedly dropped it when she discovered that the video had already been posted online.

Boasting a talented cast including Seth Rogen, who also underwent a major transformation, and Taylor Schilling, along with Lily, Sebastian, and Nick, the movie details the events leading up to the sex tape and the after-effects following its release into the public.

Although both Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are fully aware of the project, neither star was directly involved in the film’s production.

What did Pamela Anderson have to say about the film?

According to an exclusive published by The Sun, Pamela Anderson was not happy about the biopic and called it a “cheap knockoff.”

A friend of the star told The Sun that Pamela had “never heard of the actors playing her or Tommy, and doesn’t care to know them” and that she “has no intention of watching this God awful show, absolutely not. Never.”

The friend continued, telling the magazine that Pam thought it was “amusing” that Lily garnered so much praise for her portrayal as the former Baywatch actress.

The source also said they did not see Lily as a match for Pamela and that she “doesn’t even come close, nor does Sebastian Stan do justice to Tommy.”

Despite the accusations and apparent disdain on Pamela’s part for the film, fans have been eagerly awaiting the movie’s release and continue to swoon over Lily and Sebastian’s epic metamorphosis into Pam and Tommy.

Pam & Tommy will be released on Hulu on February 2, 2022

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