Seth Rogen has a new look without his glasses or his beard and you won’t recognize him

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen ditched his beard and glasses for his new movie role. Pic credit: ©

Seth Rogen shared a photo from the set of his new TV movie, and fans lost it when he displayed a beardless, no-glasses look.

Rogen, 39, had the internet going crazy after images of his new look circled the web and fans were in shock at how different the actor looked without the beard and glasses he usually dons.

Why did Seth Rogen change his look?

The 40 Year Old Virgin actor altered his appearance for his role in the Hulu series Pam & Tommy. The series, also starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan, chronicles the relationship between Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and rock star Tommy Lee, detailing the effects on the couple’s marriage after a sex tape was leaked.

Rogen will be portraying Rand Gouthier, the man who stole the tape.

Fans reacted earlier this week to photos of James and Stan in their roles for the series, sharing their awe and shock over how unrecognizable both actors look as they perfectly embody the image of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

Rogen posted photos of Stan and James to his Instagram account, followed by photos of himself in character for his role, captioning the first pics with, “My co-stars @iamsebastianstan and @lilyjamesofficial are a lot cooler than I am.”

In the photos of himself, Rogen shows off his shaved and glasses-less face, complete with a mullet hairstyle, as he wears knee-length denim shorts with a striped button-down shirt tucked in. In the next shot, he looks right into the camera as he rocks a denim jacket over a button-down shirt, and the pic would make anyone do a double-take.

What did fans have to say about Seth Rogen’s new look?

Fans took to Twitter to share their surprise and incredulity about Rogen’s appearance, with one fan point-blank saying, “I don’t think that’s Seth.”

A Twitter user shares their disbelief at Rogen’s new look. Pic credit: Twitter@Samringwald

One fan joked that Seth Rogen “without a beard and glasses really does make you question everything you’ve ever known to be real in your life.”

Another fan shared their hilarious opinion on the whole situation, sharing, “Figures that when @Sethrogen shaves his beard off he looks like a totally different person. I just look like an idiot.”

A fan shares their hilarious response to Rogen’s new look. Pic credit: Twitter@jimstadick

Along with working on the new series and throwing fans for a loop, the actor recently released his memoir entitled Yearbook, in which he shares some side-splitting comical moments from his life.

He also opened up recently about the controversy surrounding actor James Franco, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by several women, sharing that he had no plans to work with Franco again due to the allegations against him.

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