Eugenia Cooney, star of Shane Dawson YouTube about eating disorder rehab, sparks anorexia concern in Jeffree Star video

YouTube beauty star Eugenia Cooney sparks weight loss concern in new video.
YouTube beauty star Eugenia Cooney sparks weight loss concern in new video. Pic credit: Eugena Cooney/YouTube

Eugenia Cooney, known as a YouTube beauty diva, initially attracted fans for her skills with makeup and witty sense of humor.

Eugenia was and is active on Instagram and Twitter as well, sharing photos and videos that demonstrate her ability to use beauty products as well as her fondness for everything from Disney to cosplay.

But through the years, Cooney’s followers became concerned about her obvious weight loss. Some of those followers begged her to get help, while others were not so kind.

At one point, Eugenia was subjected to so much bullying over her extremely slender frame that she took a break from all social media.

Cooney then told her followers that she was getting help.

And when Eugenia returned, she was noticeably improved. As the YouTube beauty guru shared in a video she created with Shane Dawson, Cooney had gone to what she described as a “rehab” for eating disorders.

Since then, Eugenia has returned to creating her makeup videos on YouTube and sharing photos on Instagram. But some of her followers once again have expressed concern that Cooney has lost weight.

The beauty expert’s newest video, dedicated to demonstrating Jeffree Star makeup products, sparked pleas from her fans once again for Eugenia to get help.

Eugenia Cooney receives pleas from fans to get help after Jeffree Star YouTube video

Cooney went into some detail about her experience in eating disorder rehab in her YouTube video with Shane Dawson. Since then, however, some fans have become increasingly concerned that she is losing weight again.

In response to Eugenia’s video about trying the new Jeffree Star Blood Lust Collection, one fan wrote, “It’s sad because no one can help her. She can only help herself. As someone who almost died from anorexia, I know that she has to actually WANT to recover in order to recover-no one can force her.”

One repeated refrain from Eugenia’s followers in defense of her weight loss: the concept that, as one fan wrote, “Recovery is not linear and ‘getting better’ isn’t a one or done thing. You are a truly beautiful person. It’s hard thinking that you’re slipping into those same thoughts.

“You’ve proved you have it in you to recover and it’s wonderful seeing you on that journey. Know that it is alright to slip but that we are all supporting you as you continue to climb.”

How did Eugenia Cooney end up in eating disorder rehab?

Cooney’s stay in eating disorder rehab followed a 5150 72-hour psychiatric hold.

Licensed therapist Kati Morton, who also has a YouTube channel, explained that such holds “can be helpful if we fear we are a danger to ourselves or someone else. But what I hear more often is that it’s traumatizing and can actually make things worse.”

Morton talked with Eugenia about Cooney’s own experience of being placed on a 5150 hold.

And although the makeup diva sought to emphasize that she is now in recovery, the Reddit sub-community devoted to Eugenia Cooney has increasingly expressed concern that she is losing weight again.

In response to the Jeffree Star makeup video, one Reddit user wrote, “I actually am starting to get legit p*ssed off at her constantly feeding into her anorexic behaviors and then preaching how she’s doing “so great” and is a mental health warrior, you can’t tell me she doesn’t realize what she is doing.”

However, Eugenia recently told Paper magazine that the accusations of her using her slender size as so-called “click-bait” or encouraging her followers to lose weight themselves are not true.

“I was never trying to cause any harm to anyone or asking them to lose weight,” emphasized Cooney. “But you still see people judging you, and not realizing that you don’t have any bad intentions.”

She also shared that the bullying in the past “made me more afraid to do something about [her weight] or talk about it.”

And to those who insist now that she is still not talking about her weight, Eugenia has a message: “There’s thousands of millions of people who go through similar things, but I was expected to be so open about it and tell the whole internet about my problems.”

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