Emira D’Spain makes history as Victoria’s Secret’s first Black transgender model

Beauty guru Emira D'Spain on her Youtube channel
Emira D’Spain is making history as first black transgender woman to collaborate with Victoria’s Secret. Pic credit: @XOXOEMIRA/YouTube

Popular TikTok creator and beauty guru Emira D’Spain has partnered with Victoria’s Secret in a video this week.

What’s most exciting about this collaboration? She has made history as the first Black transgender model to ever partner with the popular lingerie brand.

Emira, who has gained fame primarily for her beauty content and “Get Ready With Me” videos on TikTok, has posted a video of her official collab with Victoria’s Secret that has gained over 150k views.

Emira D’Spain video is titled: Valentine’s Day – Single Girl Edition

In the video, Emira partnered with the company to create an itinerary on how to spend Valentine’s Day alone – the right way.

The video starts with her doing her skincare, putting on her makeup, and curling her hair to “look like an absolute baddie” in a red Victoria’s Secret robe. She then goes on to put on a Valentine’s Day inspired outfit, which consists of a sexy red corset made by the company. Emira first shows her going to a brunch spot in TriBeCa, where she reads and “chows down on a grilled cheese and a cinnamon bun.”

Next, the video shows her going on a walk and buying herself a bouquet of roses and diamond earrings. She ends the perfect day of self love by taking a lavender bubble bath, listening to her favorite music, and going to sleep in her favorite Victoria’s Secret pajama set.


Valentine’s Day SINGLE Girl Edition ??? with @Victoria’s Secret ❤️ The best love is self love! #vsfeelthelove #vspartner

♬ Hrs and Hrs – Muni Long

Emira even commented on her own video by saying, “brb literally crying. Thank you so much @victoriassecret,” and “The first black trans girl to work with @victoriassecret.”

Emira's TikTok comment
Pic credit: @xoxoemira/TikTok

The social media star also took to Instagram to show her appreciation for the groundbreaking collab. In a series of three photos in the Victoria’s Secret corset, she writes again, “Honored to be the first black trans girl working with @victoriassecret.”

Emira goes on to explain her appreciation in her caption by saying, “As a kid I only DREAMED of being a part of Victoria’s Secret. @valentts paved the way and it’s such an honor to continue that legacy on the first day of black history month.”

The model she tagged, Valentina Sampaio, who became Victoria’s Secret’s first openly transgender model back in 2019.

Yes – this is a big deal for Victoria’s Secret after previous backlash

In 2018, the popular clothing and lingerie company faced major discrimination charges after comments made against the transgender community. In an interview for Vogue, Victoria’s Secret chief marketing officer Ed Razek said he didn’t believe their famous runway event should include transsexuals because “the show is a fantasy.” He didn’t believe transgender women were able to fulfill that “fantasy” that the other models did.

The article went viral right away and received an extremely negative reaction from many people in and out of the fashion industry.

Even the Model Alliance posted a statement of their own to Instagram about the comments by Razek. They apologized for his hurtful words and ended with the phrase, “We can and need to do better.”

Razek later apologized and back-tracked his statements in the interview by saying, “To be clear, we absolutely would cast a transgender model in our show.”

And now, here we are in 2022 – Victoria’s Secret is surely making leaps by collaborating with its first transgender and black model.

Could Emira possibly be the first black transgender angel to walk in their annual fashion show?

Emira D'Spain responding to being an angel

After her response to the prompt being “I WOULD DIEEE,” seems like it would be the ultimate dream come true for the successful beauty queen.

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