TikTok users call for Gemini Official to be banned over relationship with minor

TikTok star Gemini Official
Gemini Official has been accused of having inappropriate relationships with underage girls. Pic credit: via @zel/YouTube

People are calling for TikTok star Gemini Official to be banned from the platform following allegations that he’s been grooming underage girls and seeking inappropriate relationships with them.

Gemini Official has more than 3.5 million followers on the video-sharing platform, and is best known for his comedy clips.

Allegations that he was engaging in inappropriate interactions with underage girls began surfacing online some months ago. Multiple underage TikTok users came forward to accuse him of reaching out to them and engaging in grooming behavior.

Multiple girls accused Gemini Official of inappropriate conduct

TikTok user @Rubytheawesometurd alleged that she was 16 years old when Gemini Official, who is 20, reached out and asked her to FaceTime with him.

She accused him (see video below) of flirting with her. She also claimed that Gemini Official asked her to stay with him at an Airbnb.

She says in the video that people did not believe her when she accused Gemini Official of flirting and engaging in grooming behavior, and claimed that some people accused her of initiating a conversation with Gemini Official to set him up. She also claimed that people said she was trying to gain social media “clout” by accusing a TikTok star.

However, more recently, another underage TikTok user @stfulili (see video below) came forward with similar allegations against Gemini Official.

She claimed that she was only 15 years old when Gemini Official invited her to an event, before she met him at a hotel.

“I’m not gonna go into details of what happened in the hotel, but you can probably imagine,” she says in the video.

Gemini Official uploaded apology videos then took them down

Following the uproar that greeted @stfulili’s allegations against him, Gemini Official set his TikTok account to private. He also responded to the allegations with a string of apology videos, which were later taken down.

However, below is a copy of his videos posted to a YouTuber’s account:

“As many of you know there’s been a bunch of drama going down particularly with this girl Lili,” Gemini Official began in the video.

He said he wouldn’t go into the details of what happened because he was aware that different stories were being circulated on social media. However, he admitted that he “got with this girl and she’s fifteen years old.”

He went on to claim he did not know that she was only 15 years old at the time he “got with her.” But he admitted that he kept talking to her after he learned that she was underage.

After apologizing for his conduct and saying that he knew that his action was “disgusting,” he insisted that he never forced the girl to do anything with him and that he never manipulated her or built a relationship with her.

He then apologized to the girl and her family and every other person who was affected by the incident.

Reactions on social media

Gemini Official’s apology does not appear to have gone down well with many social media users who are. Many TikTok users, including Mr. Bruno, have pleaded with him to be banned from the platform.

@mr.brun0##fyp ##geminiofficial♬ original sound – Mr. Bruno

Several Twitter users have continued to call for him to be removed from the platform.

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