Emily Ratajkowski called ‘out of touch’ and ‘ignorant’ for posing in a pair of plus-size pants

Emily Ratajkowski at the REVOLVE Gallery NYFW 2021
Emily Ratajkowski is getting called out for a photoshoot that some think is disrespectful. Pic credit: © Hinton/Image Press Agency

Emily Ratajkowski is under fire after she showed off her latest photoshoot, and it didn’t land quite how she thought it would.

She’s one of the most famous supermodels working today and gained notoriety as the star of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines music video.

With more than 30 million followers on Instagram alone, EmRata is the ultimate influencer.

Clearly, she’s trying to let us know that baggy jeans are back in style, and that’s great.

Emily posed in multiple pairs of loose denim, but it was one specific pair of jeans that were so large that she only fit in one leg of them as she held the waistband out to show off her fit frame and perfect abs.

But it’s refreshing to see that the comments section of her latest post is on point, as those who flipped through the photos from her M Le magazine du Monde shoot couldn’t help but call her out for the second photo in the spread.

Emily Ratajkowski called ‘fatphobic’ after showing off latest photos

It’s safe to say that many people did not appreciate Emily Ratajkowski‘s latest photo spread and ran straight to the comments to let her know about it.

“What in the fatphobic hell is that second picture?” one commenter wrote about a photo of Emily wearing jeans so large that she was standing in just one leg of them.

Another wrote, “oh you’re so skinny and pretty and SKINNY!! and you’ve never known what it feels like to be overweight! that’s so cute of you, emily. get a grip on reality. this is so tone deaf.”

Emily Ratajkowski comments
Followers react to A recent photo shared by Emily Ratajkowski’s post. Pic credit: @emrata/Instagram

Another commenter showed up to call the spread “body shaming” in the name of fashion and then asked the mode to “do better.”

Yet another was confused by the purpose of the second photo, exclaiming that she was “Really trying to understand the purpose” of that shot with Emily standing in one leg of a large pair of jeans.

Emily Ratajkowski comments
Social media was confused by Emily Ratajkowski’s post. Pic credit: @emrata/Instagram

“What a strange second photo. And you wrote a book about body image? Mm!” another wrote. They were talking about her New York Times best-seller, My Body.

Another called out the designer behind the jeans, writing, “Designers won’t make plus sizes unless it’s for a photo opp where a thin person can be quirky.”

Emily Ratajkowski comments
Even more reactions to Emily Ratajkowski’s post. Pic credit: @emrata/Instagram

One thing that stood out is that no one seemed to be on board with the second photo of the spread, and dozens of commenters aimed at Emily’s decision to share it.

Emily Ratajkowski and Irina Shayk heat up Madison Square Garden

Emily has been catching quite a bit of heat over the last day or so for her tasteless denim photos, but just a few days ago, she and another famous model were turning up the heat.

The Blurred Lines star and fellow model Irina Shayk recently made headlines after they were spotted together at Madison Square Garden.

They were sitting courtside for an NBA game, but fans of Emily and Irina couldn’t stop staring at the gorgeous women, who were definitely drool-worthy in a cream-colored slip dress and a brown crop top.

It seems Emily is working overtime to bring back the baggy pants trend because she paired her tiny brown crop top with a pair of very baggy trousers and a large black belt with a large gold buckle that was very early-2000s in fashion trends.

It is reminiscent of old Gwen Stefani except in fall hues of brown, black, and gold rather than the flashy colors that the former No Doubt star used to wear in a much similar style.

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