Dua Lipa sued for posting paparazzi photos of herself

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Dua Lipa shared photos of herself, taken by a paparazzo, and now she is being sued. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Dua Lipa, like many people, loves posting photos of herself on her social media pages. But unlike much of the population, Dua is often followed by paparazzi, hungry for exclusive looks that they can sell for cash. 

Dua posted a paparazzi photo of herself and placed it on her social media, and now she is being sued. The lawsuit against Dua is the second in a year for the same offense. 

As it turns out, just because someone takes your picture does not mean you own the image.

Dua Lipa posted unauthorized photos of herself on social media

Dua Lipa is the subject of a lawsuit for the second time in less than a year for the same offense.

Billboard reported that Dua Lipa was being sued for sharing a paparazzi photo on her social media.

Robert Barbera, a paparazzo, is suing Dua because she shared the photos he took in July 2018 on her social media. He alleged that Dua’s actions cost him money that he would have received had she not shared the photos with her millions of followers. 

Dua shared a photo, allegedly taken by Robert, where she wore a black sweater that said “HEROES” on her social media. 

An attorney representing Robert, Craig Sanders, filed a complaint on the paparazzo’s behalf. The complaint alleged that Dua, “Without permission or authorization from Plaintiff, Defendant volitionally selected, copied, stored and displayed each of Plaintiff’s copyright protected Photographs.” 

In other words, Dua voluntarily published photos of herself that had copyright.

Luckily for Dua, she now has her own personal photographer who takes photos of her on tour, and she shares those on her Instagram. Dua always tags the photographer named Elizabeth Miranda, and now she won’t have to worry about those pesky paparazzi.

Dua Lipa performs in Cannes, France for a crowd

Dua took time off from the European leg of her Future Nostalgia tour to perform in Cannes, France. Cannes hosted the Cannes Lions event full of top-tier artists and personalities. Other performers at the festival included Post Malone, Kendrick Lamar, and The Black Keys. 

Dua sported a neon green micro-mini dress with pink sneakers and fishnets as she rocked the crowd with her biggest hits. So many people wanted to see Dua that some fans got turned away.

Page Six said the event was at capacity, and not everyone could enter the venue. The source reported, “The people who couldn’t get in were so upset. So many of them walked away in a huff. Seems like everybody desperately wanted to be at Dua.”

Dua Lipa’s tour continues next month and wraps up in November.

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