Dua Lipa enjoys ice cream and Lisbon with ‘wife’

dua lipa lisbon
Dua Lipa licks ice cream and enjoys Lisbon. Pic credit: @dualipa/Instagram

Dua Lipa enjoyed the European heat with a sweet treat and shared photos with followers. Dua performed concerts in Portugal but found time to peruse local shops and taste the delicacies of the land.

Dua Lipa’s tour is called Future Nostalgia and was canceled twice because of the pandemic.

Now, the singer is seemingly making up for lost time as she travels the world and shares photos from her journeys. Dua has been vocal about her love of food and posted pictures of her tasty treats from around the world.

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Dua Lipa is pretty and stylish in Portugal

Dua Lipa had an impromptu photo shoot on the historic streets of Portugal. She took a selfie wearing shades, dark lip color, and gold hoop earrings. 

Dua offered a rear view of her tan ensemble with flared bottoms reminiscent of the 70s. She posed in a Portuguese shop with gorgeous woodwork as Dua turned away from the camera to reveal sheer pants and the outline of black underwear. Surrounding Dua was a variety of candles in different shapes and colors. 

The stylish singer licked an ice cream cone as it melted under the heat. She and her friend, whom she affectionately coined her “wife,” crossed their legs on a bench and enjoyed ice cream cones together. She wore matching watches with her friend, Olive Uniacke.

Dua posted the flag of Portugal as her caption.

Dua is likely taking some well-deserved time off after completing 60 of 82 tour dates. She joins the festival season circuit next and performed at Primavera in Spain last night. She has festival appearances in Lithuania, Sweden, and Norway, later this month before resuming the Future Nostalgia tour.

Dua Lipa’s ‘wife’ is Olive Uniacke

Dua shared the excitement of her friend joining her on tour. She posted photos of the two as they had fun in the streets of Portugal and enjoyed each other’s company. Dua was born in London, and so was Olive, but who exactly is Dua’s “wife?”

Olive comes from a prominent family, and her mother is a well-known architect. Her father, Robie Uniacke, is married to Gone Girl actress Rosamund Pike. She was linked to Daniel Radcliffe a decade ago when the two were spotted during his birthday trip to Russia. She was connected to the Harry Potter films because her stepfather, David Heyman, produced the movies. 

Olive’s IMDB page lists several crew and producer roles, showing she has followed in the footsteps of her parents to some degree. 

Olive likely met Dua due to her proximity to high-profile people.

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