Dominic Fike ‘visions’ Amber Heard ‘beating him up’

Dominic Fike in his music video for Chicken Tenders
Dominic Fike could be canceled for his Amber Heard joke at a recent concert. Pic credit: Dominic Fike/YouTube

While rumors are swirling that musician and actor Dominic Fike and actress and model Hunter Schafer have broken up, it sounds like there’s another woman that Dominic is dreaming about.

During a concert performance at Northwestern University last weekend, Dominic made some comments about Amber Heard as he paced the stage and received mixed reactions from the crowd.

These comments come during a sensitive period as the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial continues on with both parties being accused of domestic abuse throughout the case.

Dominic used these accusations to make his comments at his show but didn’t necessarily portray the allegations in a negative way.

Dominic Fike thinks Amber Heard is ‘hot’

The 26-year-old musician appeared to be between sets when he addressed the crowd at Northwestern with, “Yo, I’m just gonna come straight out and say it. I’m gonna say it. I’m gonna be real with y’all.”

He then stated, “I actually— I think Amber Heard is hot, dude,” before adding, “I don’t know. I know it’s not the popular opinion, and I know it’s not the focus at the moment, dude, but I’ve been having these visions of her [where she’s beating me up].”

A video of his comments was quickly circulated on Twitter for everyone to see. The video cuts off right after Dominic says, “I think it’s hot.”

The controversial statements led many viewers to wonder why the singer would have said something like that during this specific time. 

While his tone was joking, it’s clear even in the video that the concertgoers had mixed reactions. 

Others saw the video and were reminded of his song Cancel Me, and wondered if he’s taking matters into his own hands when it comes to his fame. 

Is Dominic Fike acting on his Cancel Me lyrics?

In the summer of 2020, Dominic Fike released his first studio album, What Could Possibly Go Wrong. The album features 14 tracks and several singles, but fans are referring back to one perhaps underrated song on the album after his performance.

Track number three is his song Cancel Me, where the singer talks about wanting to be canceled via cancel culture so he can go back home and spend time with his family instead of being in the cycle of fame.

The opening and chorus of the song is, “I hope they cancel me (why?)/ So I can go be with my family (why?)/ So I can quit wearing’ this mask, dog (damn)/ Tell the people, ‘Kiss my a**,’ dog (yeah yeah).” 

The opening verse discusses never going on TV, no more parties in LA, and even says, “Jimmy Kimmel does not wanna meet me.” 

Although Dominic has had increases in his success after landing an acting role in the hit series Euphoria, some fans are wondering if he is trying to really be canceled after that performance. 

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