Doja Cat addresses drug rumors after she shaves head and eyebrows

Doja Cat shaves head
Doja Cat addresses mental health rumors after she shaved her head and eyebrows. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Doja Cat addressed rumors head-on in a nine-minute video shared on her Instagram.

The Vegas rapper concerned fans after she shaved her head and her eyebrows on Instagram Live. The incident prompted some to compare Doja to Britney’s meltdown in 2007.

Doja is known for trolling as a recent incident saw her quit music forever while in South America, but she performed the same night she allegedly retired from the industry.

But some were concerned after her latest seemingly impulsive decision to shave off her hair and eyebrows.

Doja wore a white sports bra, spandex, and fingerless gloves, which she had been working out with earlier, also on Instagram Live. She recorded herself and explained her latest actions.

Doja explained that she doesn’t care if a stranger or someone she doesn’t know speculates about her.

Doja Cat discusses head-shaving and says she is not on drugs or crazy

Doja said, “But when it’s someone who’s like personal to me. I got two DMs today from people, who I never speak to, who I have no deep personal relationship with, but they were in my life. And they hit me up out of nowhere at around the same time.”

She revealed that both asked her if she was alright and wanted to know how she was feeling.

Doja explained that she told the friends she got new puppies and was working out, but one questioned her further and asked if she was feeling alright.

She said, “If I’m making you feel uncomfortable, or making you worried for me, I really do apologize. I feel fine.”

Doja said that the two people reaching out to her, compounded by everyone suggesting she was “on drugs” or “crazy,” was concerning.

Doja wrote in the caption, “Hey guys I literally have no other way to do this so i’m just gonna post a f***** 9 minute video explaining everything. I hate that this has to be a static post it’s so embarrassing and it makes my skin crawl but that’s life. Anyway I had to say something cuz it’s getting outta hand.”

Doja Cat says she always posts stupid things on the internet

As Doja continued her introspection, she has always been the person to “post stupid s*** on the internet.”

For example, Doja pointed out that she released a song called Moo, which went viral in 2018.

In the song, Doja is dressed as a cow, and she said, “B**** I’m a cow,” repeatedly. The video has 118 million YouTube views to date.

Using the Moo song to illustrate her point, Doja mused that it was funny for anyone to be “taken aback” or “shocked” at her head-shaving choice.

Doja reasoned that she had always been a “Thot” with body parts exposed.

Finally, Doja Cat revealed that she felt free and implored fans not to judge her for shaving her head.

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