Dean McDermott ‘mortified’ Tori Spelling and their kids are living in an RV as friends say she has money

Dean McDermott on the red carpet
Dean McDermott has remained quiet about Tori Spelling’s latest living arrangement. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Dean McDermott hasn’t publicly said anything about Tori Spelling and their five children living in an RV at a campsite.

In fact, he even deleted his previous post announcing their decision to split.

That hasn’t stopped those close to the couple from talking about the situation, though, and they claim to know exactly how Dean feels about Tori’s latest move.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, over the past few weeks, Tori and the kids have gone from living in a $100-a-day motel room to staying with a friend to now living in an RV at a campground.

It’s a far cry from Tori’s past, where she was living a lavish life in a $150 million mansion while growing up.

This also has her fans and followers questioning why her socialite mom, Candy Spelling, hasn’t stepped in to help.

Dean McDermott said to be ‘mortified’ about Tori Spelling’s campground living

There have been questions about why Tori Spelling is choosing to live in an RV with five children. She moved out of the home shared with Dean McDermott, citing dangerous mold that was making her family sick.

But there are certainly better options than staying at a campground, as it’s been reported that Tori has friends who are willing to help, and she’s not broke.

In fact, a source told Daily Mail this week, “Dean is legit mortified, as are all of Tori’s friends. They do not understand why she would be doing this unless for sympathy. She has money.”

So why would she choose to put her family out there by staying at a campground? It’s been suggested that she may be living the RV life for sympathy. After all, she’s been getting a lot of press lately as her fans and followers learn about her previous motel living and now, her choice to spend her nights with five kids in an RV.

Will Tori Spelling compete on Dancing with the Stars?

Part of Tori Spelling’s issue right now is consistent cash flow, according to the Daily Mail source.

With options limited due to the SAG-AFTRA and writers’ strikes, her only option at this time is reality TV, something that isn’t new to the Beverly Hills, 90210 star.

After all, she’s done several reality shows, including Tori and Dean: Inn Love, True Tori, Tori and Dean: Storibook Weddings, and many more.

Now, there’s chatter that she’s trying to land a spot on her dream show, Dancing with the Stars. It has been reported that Tori is currently in talks about appearing on the popular ABC dancing competition, and if so, it would be her chance to get her story out there herself.

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