David Spade donates thousands to Burger King employee for his 27 years of work

David Spade on the red carpet
David Spade has been feeling charitable with his earnings. Pic credit: ©

Comedian David Spade has donated thousands of dollars to a Burger King employee who has not missed a day of work in 27 years.

Despite working for the fast-food chain for a whopping 27 years, employee, Kevin Ford, has never taken a day off or even missed a shift. Ford went viral last week after a video showed him accepting a meager goodie bag of treats from his colleagues as a thank you for his service.

Burger King employee Kevin Ford received $5000 from David Spade

Kevin was super grateful to receive the goodie bag, but many folks on the internet felt he deserved more. And one of them was former SNL star David Spade who donated $5,000 to Kevin and even engaged in some online banter with the employee.

After Kevin went viral, his daughter Seryna Ford opened up a GoFundMe page where she confirmed that her hard-grafting dad had begun work 27 years ago as a single father and hadn’t missed a shift since. Seryna wrote that Las Vegas-based Kevin would appreciate a bit of cash to visit his grandchildren in Texas, and she set a target of $27,000.

According to TMZ, 57-year-old Spade donated $5k and then privately messaged Kevin telling him to keep up the good work. Kevin responded by thanking the comedian and suggested that he might now take a day off. David then joked that he should wait until year 30 before taking a day off. As per the outlet, Kevin is a big fan of David Spade, so he really appreciated the banter.

The original target of $27,000 has now been completely smashed. As of writing, the amount sits at over $157,000. While speaking to News Nation, Ford said he now hopes to invest the cash in a college fund for his grandkids.

The humble Ford has also said he was grateful to get the goodie bag from his colleagues and pointed out that there are many people out there who also work hard every day and receive nothing for their efforts.

David Spade is not the biggest donor to Kevin Ford

David Spade is no longer the biggest donor since an individual named Scott Dawson donated $5,200.

Kevin Ford posted the video of himself accepting the goodie bag on Instagram. In the vid, he listed the items he received and showed his gratitude.

Fingers crossed, Kevin can take a day off soon.

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