DaniLeigh targets DaBaby with subtle shade on baby photo caption

DaniLeigh and DaBaby social
DaniLeigh takes subliminal shots at her baby daddy, DaBaby, in a deleted Instagram caption. Pic credit:@dababy/iamdanileigh/Instagram

DaniLeigh sent a subtle message to her baby daddy DaBaby in an Instagram caption before changing it.

The former couple welcomed a daughter earlier this year, but an online spat ensued a couple of months after her birth.

As previously reported on Monsters & Critics, DaBaby went on Instagram Live with DaniLeigh’s phone to record their argument.

The Bop rapper called the cops on his baby mother, who was charged with simple assault.

The Yellow Bone singer announced that she was leaving his home shortly after their Instagram Live spat.

Since then, DaniLeigh seemingly has had trouble with how her career is being managed. She had split from her mother, who managed her and put up the home she bought her family for sale.

DaBaby accused DaniLeigh’s family of racism and hinted at a family feud a month before the mother and daughter split.

DaniLeigh sends shots at DaBaby before editing the message

The Dominican-American singer took to Instagram to send a subliminal message to the rapper, implying that he is not active in their daughter’s life.

“Today,” she wrote with a white heart emoji, sharing photos of her adorable baby girl at a doctor’s appointment before adding: “Doing it all alone but it’s all good cause I love your love baby girl.”

She had a change of heart and changed the caption, adding more cute photos with her baby daughter.

“Today ? I love your love baby girl ?,” she wrote in the updated caption.

Several comments on The Shade Room, which shared an image of the caption change, criticized DaniLeigh.

One commenter slammed the singer for implying she is a single mother while receiving financial support from her superstar baby daddy.

“Yea cause she know damn well she isn’t it’s real single moms out here doing it by themselves without the money she got and worse Conditions,” the person wrote.

Other comments say the singer is looking for sympathy with another adding:

 “now she doing too much.”

A commenter said taking her daughter to a doctor’s appointment alone is not a big deal.

Instagram comments
Pic credit:@TheShadeRoom/Instagram

“It’s not that deep you taking your baby to her doctor’s appointment by yourself. Relax,” a Shade Room commenter added.

DaniLeigh sends a cryptic message to DaBaby

It appears that singer DaniLeigh is not over her relationship with the rapper. She took to her Instagram Story to share a message seemingly about their tumultuous relationship.

“I loved you at your worst, but you left me at mine,” she wrote.

The Easy singer gave birth in August and had an on-and-off relationship with DaBaby before he called the cops on her in November.

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