Dan Bongino enters second round of chemotherapy as he battles cancer

Dan Bongino on his radio show
Dan Bongino announced on Twitter yesterday that he is conducting his second round of chemotherapy. Pic credit: Dan Bongino/YouTube

Conservative political commentator Dan Bongino announced on Twitter that he entered his second round of chemotherapy.

The 45-year-old politico and former secret service agent first announced he had a tumor in his neck in September. At the time, he wasn’t able to say if it was cancerous or benign.

In October, he had surgery to remove the 7-centimeter tumor but learned he’d been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

He first announced the frightening news on his radio show: “just a little bit of bad news on a personal note. It’s lymphoma — the Hodgkin’s type.”

Bongino took to Twitter last night, where he posted a picture of himself just before he began his second round of chemotherapy. He wrote: “My chemo smirk! Round two about to begin.”

TV producer and author Greg Gutfield responded to Bongino’s tweet with: “Hope you’re kicking ass my friend,” and Bongino replied, “You know it brother,” with a fist emoji.

Conservative politicos tweeted their support for Dan Bongino

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe messaged him to say, “praying for you, Dan!” and Bongino replied by writing: “Thank my friend, you’re a warrior. We need more of YOU!”

Since announcing he had the tumor, Bongino has received a flood of support and well wishes.

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly wrote, “This was done beautifully, heart-breakingly and with class. Praying for you Dan,” after his announcement.

Megyn Kelly tweets sympathy
Pic credit: @megynkelly/Twitter

And radio host Tammy Bruce messaged him to say: “I’m so sorry Dan, prayers up for you and your lovely family. Please keep us up-to-date.”

Tammy Bruce tweets sympathy
Pic credit:@HeyTammyBruce/Twitter

Hugh Hewitt was another radio host to share his good wishes and pointed out that many of their colleagues had recovered from similar diagnoses.

He wrote: “Good luck with treatment Dan. Lots of broadcast colleagues have gone through this and recovered rapidly to encourage others. You’ll be in their number soon. Payers for you and your family.”

Hugh Hewitt tweets Dan Bongino his sympathy
Pic credit: @hughhewitt/Twitter

Dan Bongino remains optimistic about cancer treatment

So far, Bongino has shown great optimism and courage in the face of his diagnosis and treatment, at least in public anyway.

He said on his show, “I am optimistic. It’s not some act I’m putting on for the show. I’ve got good doctors, good family, good support network, great friends, and the best audience in the business.”

Before finding fame as a political pundit and vocal supporter of Donald Trump, Bongino was an NYPD officer in the ’90s. He joined the secret service as part of the details that protected presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama.

He is also a successful author, having written about his exploits in the secret service. He has run for both Congress and the Senate but has failed to be elected on each occasion.

Rush Limbaugh was also diagnosed this year with terminal lung cancer. He told his listeners in October his cancer had developed into stage 4.

Last month, conservative talk show host Inga Barks passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. She had dominated conservative talk radio in Bakersfield and the central Californian valley.

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3 years ago

Hodgkin is curable. Hang in there buddy

Mary D Klorres
Mary D Klorres
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Praying for YOU!!!!

3 years ago

You got this Dan. WE NEED YOU!!!!