DaBaby sued by DaniLeigh’s brother following bowling alley brawl

DaBaby versus Brandon Bills
Rapper DaBaby faces a lawsuit after a recent fight with his baby mama’s brother. Pic credit: DaBaby/YouTube/@brandonbills_/Instagram

DaniLeigh’s brother, Brandon Bills, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against DaBaby, less than a week after footage surfaced appearing to show the rapper and his entourage beating Bills up at a bowling alley.

The footage of the brawl shows two men, identified as the BOP rapper and his baby mama’s brother, trading words before DaBaby appears to swing at him.

The fight spilled into bowling lanes, where others — said to be the rapper’s crew members — join in.

Bills is suing DaBaby over the fight for assault, battery, emotional distress, and negligence, according to TMZ.

The publication obtained court documents where Bills claims DaBaby suddenly assaulted him, adding that he did not fight back.

He said the incident resulted in “physical and psychological damage, plus medical bills and sustained disability.”

DaBaby is reportedly also being investigated by police for assault with a deadly weapon because Brandon was allegedly kicked in the head while on the floor.

However, no criminal charges have been filed, nor have there been any arrests at the time of publication.

DaBaby claims he was defending himself

In a TMZ video, shortly after the bowling alley incident, DaBaby claimed he acted in self-defense.

“Self-defense. Shouldn’t run around threatening people,” he said.

Brandon Bills hit out at DaBaby before bowling alley incident

The rapper’s comments were seemingly a reference to a video released by DaniLeigh’s brother where he appeared to threaten to assault DaBaby.

Bills posted the clip in reaction to DaBaby calling the cops on DaniLeigh last year after they had a dispute that led to their breakup.

“So, this what we gon’ do, bro. I’m in a hospital right now. I got in a car accident. I got a f****d up neck. I’ll still beat your a** with my neck like this. On god,” he continued. “When you come to the west coast bro, which I know you be out here, you gon’ catch this one-on-one fade… See what happens between me and you. I wanna see how much of a gangsta you are. How much of a real man you are. We can do that.”

DaniLeigh and DaBaby share a six-month-old daughter. The 30-year-old rapper also has two children from previous relationships.

During their public breakup, DaniLeigh and DaBaby exchanged insults, issuing different versions of events of what led to their Instagram verbal scuffle.

The 26-year-old singer was subsequently charged with simple assault and announced that she was leaving his residence.

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2 years ago

Why he suing da babý didn’t do nothing his click jumped him .everyone was sliding around like a wet duck on grease …