DaBaby accuses his baby mother DaniLeigh of being a stalker after she releases a diss track

DaBaby and DaniLeigh photo
DaBaby and DaniLeigh share one daughter. Pic credit: @DaBaby/@iamdanileigh/Instagram

The drama continues between DaniLeigh and DaBaby after the singer released an interview and diss track aimed at the rapper.

DaBaby issued a response giving more insight into their relationship, disputing some of her claims.

DaniLeigh sat down with Angie Martinez for her first interview about her tumultuous relationship with DaBaby and their viral blowout on Instagram Live.

DaBaby explains why he kicked DaniLeigh out of his house

DaBaby took to his Instagram Story to address DaniLeigh’s interview in which she discussed their relationship.

The 30-year-old rapper disputed her account of their breakup, accusing his DaniLeigh of stalking his other baby mother.

“I feel like you should tell them, folks, the real reason why I put you out,” he in the video from his car, continuing:

“It’s ‘cause you were stalking my other baby mama, and that sh*t was affecting, you know, the relationship with my Princess, my big girl,” he said in reference to his oldest daughter.

The Suge rapper also claims he recommended she take advantage of their publicized breakup earlier in response to her diss track.

In addition, he claims that the pair rekindled their relationship shortly before his bowling alley altercation with her brother, Brandon Bills.

“I feel like you waited too late,” he said. “I told you back in December that you should capitalize on the situation… Feel like that’s a bad move,” he said about her song aimed at him, adding:

“Before we got on your brother ass, you was just at The London with me that whole week getting busy,” he said.

DaniLeigh talks Instagram Live fight with DaBaby and denies being his sidepiece

In the interview with Angie Martinez, which is titled My Side on YouTube, the singer reveals that she lived with DaBaby for about three months before the Instagram Live altercation.

DaniLeigh says she gave birth to her daughter in DaBaby’s hometown of Charlotte.

She called the Instagram Live argument with DaBaby as “triggering” and said she was drinking wine before the incident.

The Dominican-American singer agreed with Angie Martinez, calling their relationship “toxic,” and said the pair started talking in September 2019 and had a three-year on and off relationship.

DaniLeigh said she was “definitely not a side piece” in response to the Baby on Baby rapper’s claim about their relationship following their breakup.

She followed up the interview by releasing a diss track at the rapper titled Dead To Me, where she accuses DaBaby of having “toxic energy” and an affair.

In the lyrics to the record, she sings about DaBaby’s relationship with her family:

“I ain’t got no more time for toxic energy,” she sings. “Momma never liked your ass/Brother wanna fight your ass/Daddy hate your trifllin’ ass/My dog even wanna bite your ass.”

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