Crymson Rose: Who is CeeDee Lamb’s girlfriend?

Crymson Rose and boyfriend CeeDee Lamb
Crymson Rose is the girlfriend of first-round NFL Draft pick wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. Pic credit: @Crymsonrose/Instagram

Crymson Rose, the girlfriend of the former Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, was at the center of attention last night.

A video clip showing a moment of interaction between her and Lamb went viral on social media.

Soon after the Dallas Cowboys selected Lamb with the number 17 overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft, ESPN’s cameras showed his reaction to the news.

The cameras showed Lamb sitting with Rose. He was talking on the phone when Rose took a second phone he was holding in his hand.

The cameras captured Lamb quickly snatching his backup phone from Rose (see Twitter video clip below) before she could check it.

The clip sparked fan speculation about Lamb and Rose’s relationship

The video clip sparked speculation and humor on social media.

CeeDee Lamb moved quickly to quell the rumors that there were problems between him and Rose. He took to social media to tell people to chill out with their assumptions based on the short clip.

Crimson also took to Twitter to explain that the Dallas Cowboys called Lamb while he was Facetiming with his agent. She said she was trying to answer for him.

Fans have been inquiring about Crymson Rose

The video clip went viral on social media and prompted many fans to inquire about Rose. Multiple media sources quickly identified her as Crymson Rose, and people began searching for her social media accounts.

If you’ve also wanted to know more about CeeDee Lamb’s girlfriend, Crymson Rose, and where you can find her on social media, then read on.

Who is Crymson Rose?

Crymson Rose was born on March 30, 1999, according to a Facebook post by her mother, Lori Love.

Her father, Michael Rose, a former Oklahoma Sooners running back who later became a high school coach, died in 2005 following a motorcycle accident in South Florida.

She was raised in Norman, Oklahoma, where she attended Norman North High School.

You can find Crymson Rose here on Instagram, where she has more than 20, 0000 followers. She is also active on Twitter, with more than 2,900 followers. She also has a Facebook account.

Her Instagram account features photos of her with Lamb. Her Instagram reveals she is a student at the University of Oklahoma.

Rose maintains a gallery of videos and photos here.

Total Pro Sports reports that Rose previously dated Atlanta Hawks’ star, Trae Young.

Rose and Young attended Norman High School and later the University of Oklahoma together. They apparently started dating while in high school, but it was not clear when they split.

Lamb attended Foster High School, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Trae Young reacted to the video clip showing Lamb snatching his phone from Rose, but he did not confirm or deny the claims that he dated Crymson Rose in the past.

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Just Saying
Just Saying
3 years ago

She ain’t nothing but a Pro Hoe, She will fit in very well here in the Big D, where she can get a lot of Big D. from many ball players.

3 years ago

She is a very pretty girl. Her dress for the draft was totally inappropriate! Looked like a street walker and a cheap one at that! Show some class!