Christian Yelich’s mom looks incredible for her age and the internet can’t get over it

MLB's Christain Yelich
Milwaukee Brewers’ Christian Yelich posted a photo of his mom on Mother’s Day and fans freaked out over her youthful looks. Pic credit: ESPN/YouTube

On Sunday, Milwaukee Brewers star Christian Yelich took to Instagram to celebrate Mother’s Day by posting a photo of himself and his mom Alecia, with the caption “Happy Mother’s Day.”

The photo of the former NL MVP standing with his arms around his mother caused a stir on social media.

Thousands of fans took to Instagram to gush excitedly over the photo, saying that Yelich’s mom looked incredible for her age.

“This can’t be his mom, right? Wow,” one Instagram fan wrote.

“Can she be my stepmom?” another admiring fan joked.

“Seriously? She looks like she could be your sister! Gorgeous,” a third Instagram user wrote.

Twitter also freaked out over Yelich’s mom

The photo quickly went viral on social media. Hundreds of fans shared it on Twitter, and fans couldn’t get over their excitement about how young Yelich’s mom looked.

Yelich is 28 years old and his mom Alecia is 51.

Most fans agreed that she looked so young and attractive for her age that she could have been mistaken for her son’s 20-something-year-old girlfriend.

Others said she looked like Yelich’s “hot younger sister.”

“Yellich has the hottest mom in the league,” one fan tweeted.

“How does Christian Yelich’s mom look younger than him?” another Twitter user wondered.

Yelich also posted the photo on Twitter with Mother’s Day wishes, but he later deleted it.

Christian Yelich recently signed a contract extension with Milwaukee Brewers

Mother’s Day was not the first time that Yelich had posted the cute photo showing him standing side by side with his mother.

He previously posted the photo after the Milwaukee Brewers announced in March that they had agreed to a seven-year, $190 million contract extension with him.

After the Brewers announced the news, Yelich took to Instagram to thank the club and his supporters. Among the photos he posted was the same photo showing him standing with his arm around his mom.

Yelich credited his mom for saving his baseball career

In an article from The Players’ Tribune in May 2019, titled This Is For All the Baseball Moms, Yelich wrote a Mother’s Day tribute to his mom. It was an inspiring story about how she saved his baseball career when she encouraged him not to quit the game.

“… I absolutely almost quit. I was only seven at the time, but that doesn’t mean it was just one of those silly things that kids sometimes do. This was serious. I wasn’t joking around.”

Yelich revealed that he started playing baseball at a very young age, and he loved the game. But he soon found himself struggling:

“…I absolutely loved the sport. But when the other kids started pitching, everything suddenly changed for me… I’d get plenty of hits when the coaches would pitch, but when the other kids pitched I could never get a hit because … I was always getting hit.”

Yelich said he was so discouraged that he decided to quit and play basketball instead.

He expressed gratitude to his mother for saving his career by encouraging him to persevere when he got so discouraged that he wanted to quit.

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