Chicago Fire alum joins Suits: L.A. cast

Troy Winbush Red Carpet
Troy Winbush has joined the Suits L.A. cast. Pic credit: ©

The Suits L.A. cast has released another name, and this person was recently seen on Chicago Fire.

Actor Troy Winbush has been added to the Suits L.A. cast, fleshing out another character the show will focus on.

Suits L.A. is being referred to as a brand extension because it will continue the timeline of stories told on Suits.

This new show isn’t exactly a spin-off because it won’t focus on characters that originally appeared on Suits. But it does open the doors for people to return.

Filming for a pilot episode for Suits L.A. will reportedly begin in April, with some recognizable names attached to the project.

It’s clear that the streaming success Suits has found on Netflix has led to this moment, and it may spur additional interest in Suits L.A.

Chicago Fire alum signs on for Suits L.A.

Actor Troy Winbush will play the character of Kevin – beginning in a guest star capacity.

Troy plays Kevin, who is reportedly an old friend and the ex-partner of the main character, Ted Black (played by series lead Stephen Amell).

According to Deadline, Kevin is a former FBI agent and now serves as a private detective. It sounds like he could be a consultant to Ted Black on future cases.

Who was Troy Winbush on the Chicago Fire cast?

Chicago Fire fans saw Troy play Detective Seth Pryma during episodes that aired in 2022 and 2023.

When Kelly Severide (played by Taylor Kinney) came across a drug ring while on the job, Pryma stepped up to offer protection and eventually requested the help of Severide.

Severide and Pryma had a contentious relationship, especially after Severide and his wife were attacked on their honeymoon. Later, Pryma had a rocket-propelled grenade lodged in his leg that Firehouse 51 had to save him from.

Troy last played Pryma in the 2023 episode called Something for the Pain. The now-former detective took the injuries he sustained from the grenade as a sign that it was time to retire. He is presumably still alive in One Chicago but no longer part of the Chicago Fire cast.

Below is a Chicago Fire clip from when Pryma and Severide decided to work together.

Below is an image that Troy shared from the Chicago Fire set.

He is filming the sequence where the rocket-propelled grenade had to be removed from Pryma’s leg before it went off.

“Just laying around chilling,” he captioned the post.

Troy also shared an image of the headline revealing he has joined the Suits L.A. cast.

“Grateful,” reads his simple caption to the Instagram post.

More news from One Chicago

Actress Kara Killmer has ended her time on Chicago Fire as paramedic Sylvie Brett.

Here is what Kara plans to do after being on Chicago Fire.

Her wedding to Matthew Casey (played by Jesse Spencer) helped end Brett’s character arc on the show.

Jesse Spencer also posted a wonderful goodbye message to his long-time friend and co-star.

Previous episodes of Chicago Fire that featured Troy Winbush as Detective Pryma are available for streaming on Peacock.

Troy has also played Dean Young on The Wilds, Officer Puchinski on The Goldbergs, and Nathaniel Greene on three 9-1-1 episodes.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday at /8c on NBC, and Suits: L.A. has been ordered as an NBC pilot.

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