Cher shares diet, fitness, and politics: How ‘Believe’ singer stays strong, sexy and surfing at 73

Cher shares diet and fitness for doing a 5-minute plank at 73.
Cher shared her diet and fitness tips for doing a 5-minute plank at 73. Pic credit: © Max

Cher is proving that age doesn’t mean much when you, as the title of her song urges, “Believe.”

At 73, Cher is still strong when it comes to everything from performing to turning to Twitter to sound off on her pride in her political views.

And for those who want to know her secrets, Cher also has shared the diet and workout plan that makes her one of Hollywood’s ageless beauties.

Cher tackles politics on Twitter

Always active on Twitter, Cher’s profile on the social media platform sums up how she feels.

“Stand & B Counted or Sit & B Nothing,” urges Cher. “Don’t Litter,Chew Gum,Walk Past Homeless PPL w/out Smile.”

And the singer is just as definite when it comes to politics. In a world where Donald Trump increasingly, in the eyes of some voters, seems headed for four more years in the White House as the Democratic party candidates continue to divide the votes, Cher is determined to make a difference and help to defy the odds.

Recently, the “Believe” songstress took on Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders in her Twitter feed.

Cher tweeted that the closer Sanders gets to winning the Democratic nomination, the “more militant he sounds.” She contended that Bernie “sounds More Like Trump, Less Like Democrat.”

In addition, Cher slammed Donald Trump repeatedly, tweeting that “unlike Robin Of Locksley Who Robbed From The Rich 2 Give 2 the Poor. Trump of Mar a Lago, Robs From Everyone, Frees The Rich & Guilty & Prosecutes The Honest, & Poor.”

The singer also tweeted a warning to Republicans that “When History Is Written, Ur Names Will Go Down In INFAMY, His Will Go Down In [flames emoji].”

So where does Cher get all the energy to combine getting political with performing on stage? The singer is dedicated to her diet and fitness.

Cher shares her diet secrets

Some celebrities follow complicated diet plans, such as Adele with her “skinny gene” Sirtfood Weight Loss Plan. Others go on temporary weight loss plans for special occasions, such as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira for the Super Bowl half-time show.

And then there’s Cher, who keeps her diet simple and permanent, sharing her secrets at various points in past years, pointed out Good Housekeeping.

The singer avoids red meat, preferring a plant-based diet. As for alcohol and nicotine, Cher avoids both.

“There are things I don’t like that are unhealthy, like drugs and drinking, so I never got into them to begin with,” explained the “I Got You” singer. “I smoked cigarettes for a while and I’d have done drugs had I liked them, but they didn’t agree with me. I’ll only drink three or four times a year too.”

In addition, Cher tends to stay away from dairy products and aims to “avoid foods with a high fat content because they make me sluggish and keep my weight up.” If she does have dairy, she limits it to non-fat milk.

Cher also has shared what’s in her pantry…including a cat.

As shown in her pantry picture, Cher focuses on carbohydrates that contain fiber and protein, including brown rice, legumes — lentils, pinto, navy, lima and kidney beans — vegetables, pastas, and fruit such as papaya and nectarines.

“Pastas give me a lot of energy, and so do fruits like bananas, papaya and nectarines, because they have a lot of sugar but it isn’t refined,” she explained.

At 73, Cher can hold a plank for five minutes: ‘Turn Back Time’ singer’s fitness plan

For those of us who collapse after, hmm, about five seconds trying to do a plank to strengthen our abs, Cher is the perfect role model.

In addition to being able to hold a plank for five minutes, the singer learned how to surf when she was 60. She plays Wii Tennis, enjoys walking, and regularly goes to the gym.

As far as staying so fit at 73, Cher admits that “you have to work twice as hard” and “be in the gym all the time.” But the secret to her fitness success: “I like that kind of stuff, thank God.”

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