Charlamagne tha God getting second season of Tha God’s Honest Truth on Comedy Central

Charlamagne on his show Tha God's Honest Truth
The second season of Charlamagne’s show Tha God’s Honest Truth has been confirmed. Pic credit: Comedy Central

It was confirmed by MTV Entertainment Group on Wednesday that Tha God’s Honest Truth has been renewed by Comedy Central for a second season.

The show is hosted by the TV personality and radio host known professionally as Charlamagne tha God.

Tha God’s Honest Truth is officially set to air its second season on the network this summer

Lenard “Charlamagne” McKelvey produces the show alongside popular late-night host Stephen Colbert.

Tha God’s Honest Truth is a weekly late-night television show that dives deep into social and political issues through interviews, honest discussions, and comedic sketches in signature Charlamagne fashion.

The show first aired in September of 2021 with guest stars such as Ed Sheeran, Soulja Boy, Kevin Hart, and Vice President Kamala Harris.

The show’s official Instagram posted the announcement on Instagram today with the caption, “@cthagod still speaking the truth! All summer ’22!”

What was the original driving force behind Tha God’s Honest Truth?

Tha God’s Honest Truth’s conception came from Charlamagne wanting to have conversations about important social topics without boundaries.

In an interview with Variety, he said, “People have a perception of Blackness. People have a perception of hip hop. And they don’t understand that these are the conversations we are having all the time.

“These are the conversations we are having on social media. These are the conversations that are happening in the barbershops and the beauty salons. These are the conversations that are happening in the music.”

In the press release issued by MTV Entertainment Group on Wednesday, Charlamagne tha God said, “We are building a cultural institution with Tha God’s Honest Truth a destination for those who are unafraid to take on social issues with honest conversations meant to challenge, educate, and by the looks of the comments on IMDB, infuriate. It’s not easy getting a season two of a TV Show nowadays so I don’t take this blessing for granted at all!!”

Charlamagne also went on to thank everybody involved in the production of his hit show. “Salute to Rachael Edwards, Aaron McGruder, Stephen Colbert, MTV Entertainment Studios, and the whole TGHT team who I could not do this without!! I THANK GOD FOR IT ALL,” he said.

Charlamagne tha God’s segment with Vice President Kamala Harris on Tha God’s Honest Truth

Producer Stephen Colbert also joined in with his excitement in the statement. “There is no one on television like Charlamagne,” said Colbert. “I’m excited to see what Truths Tha God gets Honest about in Season 2 of TGHT,” said Colbert.

Although an official date has not been set, fans can be sure to see Charlamagne back to shake up late-night yet again this upcoming summer.

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