Cardi B watches yacht sink, fans react to the video

Cardi B grammy
Cardi B at the pre-Grammy party in 2020. Pic credit: ©

Cardi B shared a video of a yacht sinking from an exotic-looking location and left fans stunned.

The Bodak Yellow rapper was on vacation with her husband Offset, when she captured what appeared to be a luxury yacht sinking.

The couple shared their reaction on Twitter and Instagram videos with hilarious commentary.

Cardi B narrates as a luxury yacht sinks

Cardi added some hilarious commentary while filming the unexplained incident showing a yacht sinking.

Cardi tweeted, “I can’t believe I’m actually watching a yacht sink.”

“It’s sinking!” she exclaimed several times watching the accident with her hubby from a beachfront villa. “Ya’ll see that?” she said repeatedly.

Cardi noted that “luckily, no one was in there” in an Instagram Story before questioning whether “a big boat that could save” the yacht, as it slowly sank near a rock.

“It’s gone!” she continued. “It’s gone! Bye-byeee! Bye! Oh my God, it’s gone! Oh my God!”

The rapper and actress gave an update about a search rescue team attempting to salvage the boat with Cardi adding some hilarious commentary.

“Update, ya’ll. So there’s a search team looking for the boat. I just saw like, a scuba diver went down there, and is like child, that sh*t is like a bikini bottom,” she said erupting in laughter, adding: “that sh*t is long gone.”

Cardi also joked that SpongeBob, the animated character that lives in the seas, would make the sunken boat his new residence.

Offset also shared footage on his Instagram, offering a reaction to the shocking footage the couple captured on their romantic getaway.

“Man that sh*t gonna sink,” he said to his wife, who responded, “Oh my God, babe, it’s going to sink! Oh my goodness! It’s going down!”

Offset noted how pricey the luxury yacht probably was, adding, “That sh*t’s crazy. Somebody owns that sh*t, too…that’s a whole yacht, gone.”

Cardi shared stunning photos on a private jet before heading off to the tropical destination.

Fans react to Cardi’s commentary

The Twitter video Cardi shared has over 1.6 million views and garnered numerous reactions.

“You’re going to sit there and record instead of helping?” one Twitter user wrote in response which prompted another commenter to clapback: “ Tell us how you would help, aquaman.”

cardi b comments
Pic credit: @cardib/Twitter

“Don’t worry haters, Cardi already rescued the Yacht,” a fan joked alongside a photo of Cardi B holding up a boat.

A Twitter user shared a black and white image of Cardi, joking that she jovial recorded the titanic sink.

The Hip Hop duo were in Cabo on vacation when they captured the footage.

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