Cardi B wants to know how people are surviving soaring inflation

cardi b inflation
Cardi B, who is very politically-involved, has concerns about inflation after helping friends with rent and seeing the shocking price increases. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Cardi B has concerns about inflation and wants to know how people are surviving with soaring costs.

Cardi is no stranger to speaking about economic and political issues. She was a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders, alongside Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber, Ariana Grande and Lizzo. Cardi’s latest post showed that The Bronx native continues to keep her finger on the pulse of the American people.

Cardi B went on Instagram Live and spoke to fans about rising costs. A fan recorded part of the IG Live and shared it on Twitter. Cardi saw the repost, and she reiterated her concern with a tweet.

The Bodak Yellow rapper tweeted, “No seriously…I want to know how people are surviving…”

Cardi revealed that she supports many people, but she wondered how people survived without a Cardi B in their life.

Cardi acknowledged that the financial crisis was a worldwide issue. She said that on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic she saw that things were extremely expensive, indicating a global problem.

Cardi B discusses inflation, global financial crisis, and insane rent prices

Cardi also discussed the rising interest rates and why she believed that an increase in interest rates isn’t going to change anything. Another thing that Cardi mentioned was the possibility of blackouts in Los Angeles and Britain, because of high electricity costs.

Although Cardi B earns a staggering amount of money, thanks to her OnlyFans account, the rapper wasn’t always wealthy.

Before Cardi was famous, she struggled as a stripper in The Bronx. Cardi made her way out of the hood thanks to hard work, talent, and luck, but she hasn’t forgotten her humble beginnings.

Fans respond to Cardi B’s inflation concerns

A quick look at the responses to Cardi’s inquiry showed that many people are struggling with rising costs and no end in sight.

cardi b concerned tweet inflation
Pic credit: @iamcardib/Twitter

One Australian commenter wrote, “Cardi really knows what’s up. It’s also expensive in australia. Not just USA. people are spending more post covid cause we been in lockdown but that also means now there is a surge in spending so inflation is high to balance it out but it’s haaaaard.”

Another wrote, “Honestly it’s extremely hard especially being a mother of 5 and taking care of my father full time it’s literally paycheck to paycheck @iamcardib there is absolutely no dinner dates for my husband and I or our weekend zoo trips with the kids! We haven’t even had our honeymoon.”

Other fans used faith to deal with inflation.

Cardi’s concern is evident when she discusses the plight of everyday Americans and citizens of the world.

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