Cardi B says Target picture was ‘edited’, hits back at trolls over photo

Cardi B on the red carpet
Cardi B has slammed back at haters who posted a picture of her in Target. Pic credit: ©

After an unflattering photo of rapping queen, Cardi B, was circulated around social media in recent days, she slapped back at all the haters and trolls by claiming the picture was edited.

This week Cardi B, real name Belcalis Almánzar, was photographed getting her groceries in Target wearing workout gear, which ended up shared online, which led to some unkind body-shaming comments.

This was followed by accusations that she edited a photo of herself crouching down in a bikini that she posted to Instagram.

Yesterday, the rapper posted a video of herself clad in a bikini, where she claimed the Target photo was the one that someone edited, and the one she posted herself was an accurate image.

In the vid, captioned “leave my rolls alone,” Cardi began by saying: “I have to do this video because I’m seeing y’all putting this edited Target picture of me looking like a mother**king square.”

She referenced her own earlier photo by stating: “So I have to do this video because yesterday I posted a picture too spicy and the haters claimed that I was Photoshopping, so now I gotta show y’all this motherf**king body.”

She acknowledged that she’d gained some weight but claimed she had to “make the thighs match… the a**.”

Cardi B showed up the body-shaming haters with grade-A put-downs

She then took a direct shot at her haters: “I know you b*tches ain’t talking when you shaped like seals, and I know you ain’t talking ya’ll got sisters with bison backs and your mothers is shaped like walruses… I know you ain’t body-shaming me!”

She finished up by saying, with a twinkle in her eye and a cheeky smug grin, “b**ch got lipo money, I got lipo money!”


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Leave my rolls alone

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Fans rallied behind Cardi B against the body-shamers

She received a ton of support in the comments with folks writing, “Tell em Cardi” and “I missed your videos like these,” along with lots of laughing and heart-shaped emojis.

Rapper Offset, who shares a daughter with Cardi, also commented with a supportive but straightforward message, he wrote: “Full meal.”

Cardi B has never been one to shy away from a strong opinion, and she hit the headlines in March when she called for Joe Exotic, The Tiger King, to be released.

She also suggested someone should set up a GoFundMe page to help with his release and slammed Carole Baskin too.

Earlier that month, she also took aim at the government, where she used typically colorful language to lambast the government’s slow response to the coronavirus response.

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