Cardi B and daughter Kulture pose in matching luxurious earmuffs

Cardi B red carpet
Kulture is Cardi B’s first child with fellow rapper and husband Offset. Pic credit: ©

Cardi B and daughter Kulture looked stylish and expensive as they posed in matching luxurious earmuffs in front of a Maybach.

The mother of two released her first Instagram post of 2022 with a series of photos with her first child Kulture, whom she shares with Migos star Offset.

In a series of adorable photos, Cardi and Kulture rocked matching Chanel earmuffs that would set you back $950 for a pair.

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In a series of adorable photos, Cardi and her daughter looked like twins as they rocked matching Chanel earmuff made of shearling and lambskin. The black and white earmuff’s retail at $950.

Cardi completed her look with a matching Chanel scarf for $2,375, while Kulture opted for a black and white jacket.

“Forever,” she wrote in the caption of the photos she shared with her 121 million followers/

Cardi B followed up the Instagram post in which she posed in an alluring outfit, holding a pram for her second child.

In September last year, the WAP rapper welcomed her second child, her first son.

As previously reported, the 29-year-old star showed off her curves, hitting the red carpet after three months after giving birth.

After gaining some weight after birth, she spoke about her curves but revealed that she is naturally thin and would not need to diet to lose weight.

Cardi B reveals her morning routine with her two children

Cardi B shared her morning routine with her two children on her Instagram Story on Tuesday. The rapper is no different from most mothers with a newborn as she gets up early to prepare the bottle at 6 am to feed her son.

“Just finished feeding him and putting him back to sleep. I’ll be preparing another bottle for when he wakes up in a few again,” she wrote on the story with a photo of the baby formula.

“Now he’s awake and full energy while I have NONE… feed, burped, changed,” Cardi B wrote, in the next story. She added, “waiting on his morning poop I know it’s coming. I know him too well.”

The mother of two continued the Instagram Story after 8 am in which she showed Kulture and her half-sister playing on their iPad before instructing her to brush her teeth.

Cardi B Shares Morning Routine With Kulture and Newborn Son

Offset has three children from previous relationships, and the couple has not revealed their son’s name.

Cardi previously praised Offset’s parental skills after they reconciled following her threat to divorce the rapper in 2020.

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