Britney Spears poses in pink floral crop top and low-rise jeans as she debuts her favorite outfits

Britney Spears new outfits
Britney recently sparked pregnancy rumors after a romantic trip with her fiance. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears continues her return to Instagram by showing off some of her new favorite outfits.

The singer debuted a number of different styles as she shared a light-hearted video with fans after a recent unexpected disappearance from social media.

Britney has enjoyed her freedom since her conservatorship ended in November last year. She has vowed to help others as she continues to battle her father in court for her financial independence.

Britney dons a crop top and low-rise jeans as she displays her favorite outfits

Britney debuted some of her new favorite outfits in a new post to her Instagram.

The singer looked stunning as she posed in a pink floral crop top and dark blue low-rise jeans.

She let her long blonde hair flow as she completed the look with a pair of black heels.

Spears rolled around with her dog in the grass while sporting another flowery top before showing a cozy off-the-shoulder dress.

“Mad World part 2 !!! Some of my favorite new outfits ? !!!” she wrote in the caption.

Before debuting her new outfits, the mother of two showed off her “Clueless” look.

Britney returned to Instagram after leaving following a message about freedom

Fans are glad the Toxic singer is back on the gram following her sudden disappearance after sharing a story about her newfound freedom.

She appeared to have deactivated her account for several days.

The pop princess did not explain the absence, nor did her fiancé Sam. Before taking a social media break, Britney shared a story about how she experienced Las Vegas with her freedom, recalling how she only went to the Nevada City for work in the past.

“The only thing I’ve known when I used to go to Vegas was hour long meet and greets with 40 people every night getting the worst pics of me ? and then a two hour show ?? !!!! Let’s just say THIS TIME visiting it gave me a whole new perspective on what it means to live !!!! Being able to go to the spa ??‍♀️ was a highlight as well.”

The singer also made it clear she doesn’t want sympathy when talking about her experiences.

“Don’t ever pity me like my masseuse does …. “People do love you!” …. Huh ???? Huh ???? I don’t want to be loved … I want to be feared !!! Being loved and being nice got me taken advantage of …… so take your pity and go f**k yourselves ????‍♀️? !!!!”

She recounted how her brother, Bryan Spears, who financially benefited from her conservatorship, refused to give her some of his drinks.

Spears claimed that she was deprived of enjoying alcoholic beverages during her conservatorship as she celebrated having her first glass of wine in 13 years in January.

Fans believe the Pop icon is pregnant after she announced her intention to share a child with her longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

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