Britney Spears has blessed us with her Instagram presence once again — Here’s the first thing she posted 

Britney Spears
Britney Spears is back on Instagram after a short hiatus. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears is back on Instagram, blessing fans with more wonderfully random content. 

The newly-freed pop star posted some new pictures and photos to her Instagram for adoring fans concerned about her brief social media departure.

Britney, who is well-known for posting bikini pictures, dancing videos, and even a nude photo from time to time, continued the trend with a low-key video of her dancing to music.

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Britney Spears returns to Instagram after an abrupt departure

Britney Spears fans can rejoice because the pop star is back on Instagram.

Fans were confused when the singer suddenly disappeared from the app, however, Britney has returned with some brand new content. 

She stands in her foyer for the post, a setting that many fans will recognize from several of her posts over the past few years.

Britney wears a white crop top with ruffled sleeves and no bra. She sports a low-cut velvet pleated skirt and tan heels. The song in the background is Timmy Trumpet and Gabry Ponte’s remix of Mad World. Britney rocks back and forth and sways from side to side. A kitten is also seen playing and exploring in the background.

The video appears to be a mashup of several different clips of Britney, swaying in the same position and beaming widely for the camera. 

As for any haters, Britney has some choice words. She says she doesn’t feel like moving her feet, and if you don’t like it — don’t follow her.

She writes for the caption, “As much FOOT WORK as I’ve had to do performing, I’m learning the art of doing !!!! Way less goes a long way … side to side …. YES … sitting pretty is my philosophy !!!! Might be doing this for a VERY VERY LONG TIME … so if you don’t like it don’t f***** follow me and don’t forget KISS IT.”

But Britney was not finished. She added two more Instagram posts with six photos total.

The pictures are of her posing in the same outfit she danced to in the other post. 

Britney Spears opens up about her conservatorship and personal life

Britney Spears was in a restrictive conservatorship for 13 years. Since becoming free, Britney has used social media as an outlet to express herself creatively.

She recently said she has cried oceans over her boys’ independence. She wrote, “I will just say it just like when my boys got bigger… IT LITERALLY SUCKS. They don’t need me anymore… I’ve cried oceans for my boys and I’m not lying!!!!”

She has also slowly dropped hints about what she endured during her lengthy conservatorship. 

She wrote about the wonders of taking Excedrin PM for the first time, “You have to understand I was only able to have Tylenol 4 months ago, so independently owning things I haven’t been able to for 13 years is actually a big deal for me !!!!” 

Hopefully, Britney will continue with her self-expression and keep her Instagram activated.

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