Britney Spears kisses and praises new assistant in series of videos

Britney Spears
Pop princess Britney Spears was pictured swimming around in the pool in her birthday suit while enjoying some quality time with her assistant. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears has a new assistant and plenty of love to show to the lucky lady.

Britney has trust issues, and for a reason. She has been taken advantage of since she was a young performer– something she explains in social media posts. 

Britney shared an affectionate post with her new assistant, who she calls “f***** amazing.” Britney even kissed her new assistant on the cheek in the video. 

The Toxic singer seems to be on her way back on the road to recovery.

Britney Spears kisses and praises her new assistant in a series of videos

Britney Spears continues to open up on her social media, sharing quips and musings on her Instagram page. Britney is also a bit of an exhibitionist, posting bikini and nude pictures. Britney’s latest posts feature a guest, her new assistant.

Britney’s pink-haired assistant smiles and laughs while she kisses Britney’s dog in the video. Britney also seems cheerful, showing love to her precious pup. The video has a sparkling effect that glitters in the background. 

She writes in her caption, “I swear my new assistant is f****** unbelievable … She has so much grace and patience shooting my silly self … she’s my rock … Love ya mamacita … Pssss can I have some of your boobs??!”

Her comments section was full of praise for the singer. Britney seems pleased with her new and understanding assistant. 

Britney Spears has a history with assistants

Before Britney’s conservatorship, she had an assistant named Alli Sims.

Alli was Britney’s cousin, who took long midnight drives with Britney to convenience stores. Fans scapegoated Alli for Britney’s erratic behavior. 

Alli spoke out for the first time in a decade after the documentary Framing Britney Spears was released. 

Alli told NBC News, “Just because I was smiling in a photo going through a drive-thru doesn’t mean that I wanted the attention. I would have much rather been able to drive around town with nobody bothering us.”

Alli claims that Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, threatened and forced her out of Britney’s life. Alli continued that Jamie was “100 percent was threatening me with my life.” 

Finally, Alli claims to miss Britney, “Do I miss her as a person and think about her all the time? Yes. She’s all over the place still. You can’t help but think about her every day.”

Now that Britney has more control of her life, she can socialize with whomever she wants– including former assistants.

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Celebrity Assistant (@CelebrityPA)
Celebrity Assistant (@CelebrityPA)
2 years ago

I wish that all celebrities treated their assistants as good as Britney does.