Britney Spears has deleted Instagram again

Britney Spears. 4th Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards held at Avalon Hollywood.
Britney Spears seemingly deleted her Instagram account once again following a highly-publicized wedding and ensuing drama that followed. Pic credit: ©

The princess of pop has apparently had enough of the internet drama again and has gone radio-silent, so to speak.

Britney Spears recently appeared to be enjoying having the spotlight put on her in a major way following a highly-anticipated wedding ceremony with her beau of six years, model Sam Asghari.

However, as with many things in the singer’s life in the past few years, drama quickly ensued with Britney’s ex Jason Allen Alexander being arrested as he attempted to crash her big day and the media outlets going crazy over which of her immediate family members were or were not invited.

Now, the blonde sensation has quietly taken herself off of her Instagram account for the second time in almost as many months.

Britney deleted her Instagram account without any notice

Making no official announcement to her fans regarding her sudden internet absence, Britney likely took her millions of followers by surprise when she vanished into thin air today.

Having been a popular social media celebrity and very active user, Britney has left the people hanging out to dry as she presumably gets some mental time away from the online attention she has been receiving lately following her nuptials.

Along with Jason’s attempt to live-stream his ex-bride-of-55-hours’ special union, made even more important given the previous struggle the singer underwent in order to regain her personal freedom from her restrictive conservatorship, Britney also dealt with being under the magnifying glass of the tabloids as outlets scrambled to relay information regarding which of her family members were invited or in attendance.

While early reports claimed that the songstress had excluded all of her family except for her brother Bryan, and with her teenage sons having been invited but declining so as not to take away from their mom’s day, details later emerged from both magazines and the singer herself that her brother had, in fact, not been sent an invite after all.

Britney fired her security team after her ex crashed her wedding

Following the near-derailment of her big day at the hands of her ex, Britney made sure to act swiftly as she managed clean-up duty before diving headlong into whatever honeymoon adventure she and Sam had planned out.

Firing her security team just about on-the-spot, Britney was purportedly justified in her actions as TMZ said that Jason had allegedly not only squeezed past the team that was supposed to protect the star but had also made it all the way inside her home to the second-story level, and all while brandishing a knife.

A judge subsequently charged Jason with felony stalking and slapped him with a three-year restraining order that will prevent him from getting anywhere near Britney in the foreseeable future.

With all the wedding drama behind her, Britney is hopefully finding some time to relax and unwind with her brand-new husband and, if her last Instagram deletion is any indication, the singer should be back online not too long from now with more juicy shares.

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