Britney Spears’ father Jamie speaks out, makes stunning claims about his daughter

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Singer Britney Spears pictured on the 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards red carpet. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Britney Spears’ estranged father Jamie is finally speaking out after being subject to public scrutiny as a result of the #FreeBritney movent, which brought attention to her long-term conservatorship.

Since being granted her freedom in November 2021, the pop star has spoken out against her father several times on social media.

The 70-year-old was his daughter’s guardian for 13 years and stepped down a few months before a judge ended the conservatorship.

In court testimony and on social media, the singer accused her management team and family of abuse, particularly her father.

Jamie remained mostly silent but managed to infuriate Britney’s supporters by describing the #FreeBritney movement as a joke and referring to her fans as conspiracy theorists in 2020.

He is now speaking out in a recent interview in which he made stunning claims about his daughter’s conservatorship.

Jamie Spears claims the conservatorship saved his daughter’s life

In an interview with Mail Online, Jamie confessed that he “isn’t going to paint no pretty pictures of the family’s struggles” but defended Britney’s conservatorship and claimed she may have been dead without it.

“Not everybody’s going to agree with me,” Jamie said, continuing, “It’s been one hell of a time. But I love my daughter with all my heart and soul. Where would Britney be right now without that conservatorship? And I don’t know if she’d be alive. I don’t.”

He went on to praise the guardianship for protecting his daughter and grandchildren.

“For protecting her, and also protecting the kids, conservatorship was a great tool. Without it, I don’t think she would have got the kids back,” he claimed.

After Britney divorced Kevin Federline in 2007, they agreed to joint custody. However, the singer lost physical custody of her sons to her ex-husband. The reason was never publicly revealed.

The following year in January 2008, Spears refused to release her sons to Federline’s representatives and was subsequently hospitalized after police said she appeared to be under the influence of unidentified drugs.

Federline was given sole legal custody of their sons and the court order placed her under a temporary conservatorship after she was committed to the psychiatric ward. However, the conservatorship was later made permanent.

Around that time, Britney garnered national headlines for shaving off her hair and hitting a photographer’s car with an umbrella.

Jamie Spears claims Britney Spears was ‘broke’

Mail Online revealed Jamie lives with Jamie Lynn in rural Louisiana. He claimed that his daughter’s guardianship helped her rebuild her finances, claiming she “was broke,” and credited the conservatorship for building her finances.

Britney Spears testified that she was afraid of her father and was forced to go on tour and take psychiatric medication. She also said she was not allowed to remove her IUD.

Jamie said his daughter’s lawyer, the media, and the public do not know the truth and said Britney’s allegations are not true.  

He concluded the interview by saying, “I don’t mind taking that beating because I know it’s not true, and because I don’t want to start something else. For my daughter to end up going further down the hole than she had been.”

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