Brad Pitt’s GQ cover is getting dragged — Here’s what people are saying

Brad Pitt on the red carpet
Fans have been confused by Brad Pitt’s image on the GQ cover. Pic credit: ©

Fight Club star Brad Pitt has appeared on the cover of GQ Magazine, and it’s fair to say the unusual picture has left the Hollywood actor open to a lot of mocking.

Twitter fans have been having a field day ever since the 58-year-old Pitt’s extraordinary image was released, with many left wondering why the former heartthrob was made to look like a glammed-up corpse.

The image shows a wide-eyed Pitt with slicked-back hair appearing to lie on a bed of artificial flowers. He’s wearing mascara, a gold necklace and medallion, and frankly, a ridiculously shiny blue shirt. There’s also a lizard crawling over him for reasons unknown.

Twitter was very quick to mock Brad Pitt’s GQ image

The Meet Joe Black actor definitely had the air of the undead about him, and fans were quick to point that out.

Fans also wondered how an earth GQ had managed to make such an attractive man look so terrible.

Fashion blogger Bryan Boy joked that GQ Magazine had actually “murdered” Brad Pitt. They wrote, “GQ murdered Brad Pitt, hired the worst embalmer ever who pumped him up with formaldehyde and put him in a coffin filled with flowers. #Cadaver”

Another Twitter fan joked that the Ocean’s Eleven star had actually passed away and that his last wish was to be displayed as a corpse on the cover of GQ, and that folks shouldn’t be “disrespectful.” The fan wrote: “brad pitt actually died and his last wish was his corpse on the gq cover so ur jokes are actually kinda disrespectful.”

Many Twitter users thought that GQ had really done the actor a disservice. One fan wrote, “This is just wrong!” before adding, “You have managed to make Brad look strange, dead and like he doesn’t know what he’s doing when it’s obviously the vision of the photographer.”

Tweet says Pitt pic is wrong
Pic credit: @jasaejasae1/Twitter

Some fans couldn’t help but think that Pitt looked like the recently deceased Goodfellas actor Ray Liotta.

One tweeter jokingly asked if “they” had tried to bring back Liotta in Pitt’s body: “Why does it look like they tried to bring ray liotta back in brad pitt’s body.”

Writer Marie Gardiner joked that Pitt looked like “Rob Lowe and Ray Liotta ran into each other hard.”

Most fans found the photo both hilarious and confusing. “I honestly cannot stop laughing, declared one tweeter before adding, “How have you managed to make an attractive man look so completely and horrifically deceased?”

Tweeter asks why Pitt looks dead
Pic credit: @HelenaLake2/Twitter

GQ wasn’t actually finished with that one mortuary-like pic, they released a series from a very psychedelic-looking photoshoot where Pitt looked incredibly glammed up.

Brad Pitt was taking part in a photoshoot with multiple pics

In the interview, Brad Pitt opened up about coming to the end of his acting career. He has been acting for over 30 years but admitted, “I consider myself on my last leg. This last semester or trimester.”

This media attention comes as Pitt continues his legal battles against his ex-wife Angelina Jolie; earlier this month, his lawyers accused Jolie of seeking to “inflict harm” on her ex-husband when she sold her share of their French vineyard without his knowledge.

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Sharin Knuiman
Sharin Knuiman
1 year ago

Maybe because she is DEAD!