Boogie2988 confirms arrest warrant, says he’s ‘glad to cooperate with authorities’

Boogie2988 on his YouTube channel
Boogie2988 has confirmed that he is wanted by the police but said that he intends to cooperate. Pic credit: @Boogie2988/YouTube

YouTuber Boogie2988 has confirmed that the police are looking for him but says that he is happy to cooperate with the authorities and that he is heading home to deal with the situation.

Steven Williams, aka Boogie2988, is a popular YouTube star whose channel has amassed over 4 million followers.

The incident in question is reported to have occurred in September of last year and involved Boogie allegedly firing a gun in the air at his home in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Boogie2988 had been feuding with fellow YouTuber Frank Hassle, and the beef is said to have gotten particularly nasty after Hassle was banned from the platform.

Hassle was accused of hassling and threatening Boogie online. He is also said to have gone to Boogie’s home, which reportedly caused the YouTuber to point and fire his weapon.

YouTube star Keemstar tweeted last night that a warrant had been issued for the arrest of Boogie. He also said that Boogie had spoken to his attorney and that he was going to “turn himself in” on Wednesday.

A short time later, Boogie himself addressed the rumors and told Twitter that he was prepared to “cooperate with the authorities.”

Boogie tweeted: “So news circulating around me: can’t really comment for obvious reason. Thank you and anyone for support in this situation tho. I am gonna do the right thing and do it by the book. Glad to cooperate with authorities. Heading home today to do so.”

Boogie2988 tweets about arrest warrant
Pic credit: @Boogie2988/Twitter

Keemstar says Boogie2988 was a “victim”

Keemstar has since posted an impassioned video to Twitter, where he defended Boogie and said that his fellow YouTuber was “terrified” of Frank Hassle. Keemstar said that Boogie had been worried that Hassle would turn up at his house, so when he did reportedly turn up in September, he fired a warning shot into the air.

An emotional Keemstar voiced his frustration that Boogie was facing federal charges even though he believed that he had been an innocent victim in the incident.

Frank Hassle says he hopes Boogie2988 “gets the help he needs”

In response to the situation, Frank Hassle tweeted a picture of Boogie’s arrest warrant from Washington County in Arkansas. He captioned it: “I hope he gets the help he needs.”

In 2019, Boogie2988 became the subject of a death hoax, with rumors circulating that he had passed away. However, he quickly put an end to it by tweeting that it was just a meme.

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