Boogie2988 dead? YouTuber responds to death hoax

Boogie2988 dead
Boogie2988 responds to his own death hoax. Pic credit: Boogie2988/YouTube

In 2013, the news broke that YouTuber Boogie2988 died, with the rumors it was a drunk driving incident. It was a death hoax and was not true.

It happened again today when news broke that Boogie2988 died once again. This time, the death hoax was stopped instantly by the source.

Bookie2988 responded to the death hoax personally this time around.

When Boogie2988 posted that, someone chimed in that the rumors were going around that he died. The YouTuber, real name Steven Jason Williams, responded.

“Its a meme lol,” he responded. “Have fun with it.”

It is clear that Boogie2988 has gotten used to people throwing out death hoaxes with his name on it.

However, when it comes to a death hoax about a YouTuber, this one came at a very bad time. Just three days ago, popular YouTuber Grant Thompson died.

The King of Random died after a paragliding accident in Utah at the age of 28. With Thompson’s death still fresh in people’s memories and the mourning process still ongoing, a death hoax for Boogie2988 is ill-timed, to say the least.

It also should be noted that early on August 2, Boogie2988 tweeted that his brother Bryan Williams was hit by a car and could use some love.

There could be a chance that people saw that Bryan Williams was hit by a car and quickly believed the rumors that Boogie2988 was who was in the accident and died.

Luckily, it isn’t true and was just a poorly timed death hoax quickly killed by Boogie2988 himself.

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