YouTuber KEEMSTAR responds after being sued by tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste for $3.5 million

Daniel "KEEMSTAR" Keem on YouTube
Daniel “KEEMSTAR” reportedly sued for $3.5 million by tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste. Pic credit: DramaAlert/YouTube

YouTube star and DramaAlert host, Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem, has confirmed that celebrity tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste has sued him for $3.5 million over comments he reportedly made about Lacoste on his DramaAlert show.

The allegations relate to claims that went viral on social media in March 2019 that Lacoste sent inappropriate messages to his underage fans.

It was alleged that the messages contained explicit references to sexual acts and alcohol abuse (see the tweets here and here).

Lacoste’s lawsuit (view lawsuit document here) alleged that KEEMSTAR accused him of pedophilia in multiple videos he uploaded online.

The lawsuit, filed in California on March 10, also alleges that KEEMSTAR published a video-recording in which Lacoste allegedly engaged in conversation of a “sexual nature” with a minor (identified in the lawsuit as “Person A”),

However, Lacoste said in the lawsuit that Person A “falsely claimed that she was of majority status.”

According to the lawsuit, the minor recorded the conversation and sent it to KEEMSTAR, who made it public, allegedly intending to ruin Lacoste’s reputation and business.

KEEMSTAR responds to Lacoste’s lawsuit

KEEMSTAR, who is known for hosting the popular show DramaAlert on YouTube, reported on the allegations made against Lacoste in March 2019.

KEEMSTAR revealed in a video that he posted on YouTube on Saturday, March 14 (see video below) that Lacoste is suing him in federal court for the comments he allegedly made about Lacoste in multiple videos he uploaded to YouTube for his DramaAlert show.

“I got sued for $3.5 million in federal court,” KEEMSTAR says in the video.

“I mean, this is serious, this is very serious, alright,” KEEMSTAR continues in the video. “If I lose this case, this will affect all of YouTube, all of YouTubers.”

He said he wanted to respond to the issue fully on air and that he would post his full response on Monday, March 16. He urged his viewers to tune in to his YouTube channel on Monday for his full response.

Who is Romeo Lacoste?

Lacoste is best known as a tattoo artist. According to this official website, Lacoste is based in Los Angeles, California. He is the owner and operator of The California Dream Tattoo shop that has a staff consisting of world-class tattoo artists.

He has tattooed celebrities such as Kendrick Lamar and YouTuber Tyler Oakley, as well as Twitch streamers Tyler “Ninja” Belvin and Tfue, according to Dexerto.

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