Billie Eilish stopped another concert to make sure fans were okay after Kanye West demanded apology

billie eilish stops concert to make sure fan is okay after kanye west demanded apology
Singer Billie Eilish performs at iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Los Angeles held at The Forum. Pic credit: © DeSlover/AdMedia

While Kanye West demanded an apology from Billie Eilish weeks ago, the singer is continuing to do her shows as she pleases, not allowing Ye’s threats about Coachella to change her stance towards fan safety.

Just recently, Eilish stopped another concert to make sure her fans were all doing okay, and nobody would get harmed in the crowd.

Her latest concert stoppage came weeks after she did something similar, drawing backlash from Kanye West as he felt Eilish was making a jab towards his friend Travis Scott.

Billie Eilish stopped concert briefly for fan safety

Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish is currently on her Happier Than Ever world tour and performed at Madison Square Garden in New York City this past weekend.

According to TMZ’s report and concert video footage, Eilish paused her show on stage to catch her breath during her performance and calm things down with the crowd.

“If you want to sit down, you are allowed to, go ahead. Sit down, take a breath,” Eilish said while sitting with a guitar on stage.

“And everybody down here, can you step back?” Eilish asked, referring to the front row of the audience. “Give everybody some room down here. Yeah. There we go.”

Eilish then strummed her guitar a bit before telling the crowd she would perform her song Male Fantasy next. Everyone appeared back on track to enjoy the show with no issues.

Kanye West demanded apology from singer for previous remarks

Earlier this month, Billie Eilish stopped her show at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena to make sure a fan could safely get their inhaler. While it was a sincere gesture, rapper Kanye West, who currently goes by Ye, didn’t appreciate Eilish’s remarks on stage during the stoppage.

Eilish waited for security to assist the young woman in need of her inhaler, asking audience members not to crowd the distressed woman.

“I wait for people to be OK until I keep going,” Eilish said as part of her on-stage remarks.

Not long after Eilish’s remarks came to Ye’s attention, the rapper fired off an Instagram post in which he demanded Eilish apologize, suggesting her jab towards Travis Scott was uncalled for.

Last November, Ye’s friend Scott held the popular Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas. During the concert, a tragic crowd crush occurred, resulting in 10 deaths and over 300 injuries.

In Ye’s demand that Billie Eilish apologize, he threatened to withdraw from Coachella, where he and Eilish are among the headliners in April. Eilish commented back on Ye’s Instagram post, without an apology, suggesting she wasn’t taking a shot at Travis Scott.

Eilish’s Happier Than Ever, The World Tour will continue this week with a stop at Newark, New Jersey’s Prudential Center. She’ll then be on a bit of a break between tour stops, with a March 8 stop in Birmingham, Alabama, next on the scheduled shows.

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