Ben Affleck ‘gasped’ at first sight of Jennifer Lopez walking down the aisle

Ben Affeck closeup
Ben Affleck gasped when Jennifer Lopez walked down the aisle for their wedding. Pic credit: ©

Following Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s surprise nuptials in a Las Vegas wedding chapel, more details are emerging about the celebrity couple’s intimate ceremony. 

According to Page Six, Ryan Wolfe, the minister who pronounced the pair as husband and wife, opened up about the clear love shown between Lopez and Affleck on their special day. Recalling watching the On The Floor singer walking down the aisle, Wolfe revealed that Affleck audibly gasped at the view of his bride.

Stating that Lopez strolled down the aisle to the classic tune of Here Comes The Bride, Wolfe detailed that the Gone Girl star “watched her walk down the aisle and you could just tell he was like, ‘Wow, woah.’’’

The minister added, “He let out a little gasp. You could tell he was definitely just in the moment.”

On witnessing the pair’s vows, Wolfe shared that “their vows were beautiful, they were special. And I know they were very important to them.”

 “You could tell it was something between them that they wanted to share with each other,” the minister continued. “It was a really special, emotional ceremony and moment that they shared. And their kids were absolutely into it.”

Lopez’s daughter Emme, 14, and Affleck’s daughter Seraphina, 13, were reportedly also in attendance, helping their parents take photographs and commemorate their wedding.

JLo rushed wedding due to ‘cold feet’?

These new details come out amid a rumor that the Hustlers actress may have rushed the wedding due to not wanting Affleck to develop “cold feet.” An unknown source recently revealed to Page Six, “She wanted to lock this down and remove any chance for cold feet ASAP!”

Twenty years ago, Lopez and Affleck were a Hollywood it couple, but things took a turn for the worse after their engagement. In 2003, their wedding was postponed “due to the excessive media attention surrounding” their ceremony, according to a statement made by both parties.

By 2004, Bennifer had officially called it quits. Though there was no word on whether cold feet might have played a factor in the couple’s demise.

The second time’s a charm for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Following Lopez’s 2021 split with former fiancé and New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez and Affleck’s divorce from actress Jennifer Garner in 2018, reports began swirling about a reignited love between the former flames.

In July 2021, Lopez all but confirmed the rumors by sharing a photo of her and Affleck sharing a passionate kiss on her Instagram account. Wasting no time, the pair went on to announce their second engagement in April 2022.

The Marry Me actress recently opened up about her small and intimate wedding via her newsletter, On The JLo, telling fans earlier this week, “Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out love is patient. Twenty years patient.”

Recounting the journey that led to their wedding, the singer-actor stated “in the end it was the best possible wedding we could have imagined, “ adding, “One we dreamed of long ago and one made real (in the eyes of the state, Las Vegas, a pink convertible and one another) at very, very long last.”

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Lopez changed her name to Jennifer Affleck after tying the knot, though there’s no word on whether the superstar will use the name professionally. JFleck…it does have a nice ring to it.

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