August Alsina shows gruesome injuries, claims Tory Lanez attacked him

August Alsina and Tory Lanez
August Alsina and Tory Lanez performed in Chicago before the alleged incident. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia/Tory Lanez/YouTube

Singer August Alsina claims that he was attacked by Tory Lanez and shared photos of his injury.

Initial reports claimed that the pair got into a fight, leaving August knocked out after they exchanged words.

It is alleged that the singer took issue with Tory’s comments about his “entanglement” with Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

In 2020, Alsina claimed he was granted permission from Will Smith to be in a romantic relationship with his wife. Pinkett-Smith released a statement at the time saying that his claims were false.

However, in an episode of her Facebook talk show, Red Table Talk, Jada admitted to having a romantic relationship with Alsina when she was separated from her superstar husband.

Jada’s use of the term “entanglement” went viral, and Tory Lanez was among those who had a say on the trending story.

August Alsina claims Tory Lanez sucker punched him

After performing in Chicago, Alsina said a “4’11 sized leprechaun,” in reference to Lanez, attacked him with eight security guards who he said he greeted individually before they allegedly “tried to press” the singer.

“Whole time, I’m one deep. No security,” he wrote in the caption of a photo in which he posed with a bloody mouth.

He then recalled what he claims happened during the interaction with the Canadian rapper:

“Tory continues to ask w/ a broken ego why I didn’t dap him up, I go on to tell him.. I was a fan of him and didn’t understand him speaking on my business publicly In the past, because I don’t know him or ever met him until last night. So when he spoke it caught me off guard because of his past actions, i assumed he didn’t like me, that’s all.”

Alsina added that he is reluctant to shake hands due to his recent health struggles, which he said included “overcoming being paralyzed.”

“Never any disrespectful words were exchanged, so i was a bit confused at how somehow he turnt him self up w/ anger after hitting a blunt laced with cocaine obviously, (i heard the fizzle) and he snuck me when I turned my head,” he alleged on the IG post.

The 30-year-old said one of Tory’s security guards reportedly had a gun tucked and claimed the rapper went behind his security to hide before running back into the concert hall after the incident.

He also denied the media reports that the pair got into a physical altercation, writing:

“There was never a ‘fight’! Simply an Assault. Dude has no real friends, and is on a crash out mission.”

The Entanglement singer said that he was going to keep the incident to himself but then spoke out, accusing Lanez of leaking the story to the media.

He shared more gruesome photos of his injury in another IG post.

Tory Lanez denies the allegations about attacking August Alsina

The Canadian rapper seemingly denied attacking Alsina in an Instagram Story.

He claimed he had been in a music studio, although it has been confirmed that he performed in Chicago at the Fall Back In Love Comedy & Music Jam, where Alsina was also pictured performing.

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