Ariana Grande doesn’t want to let go of the expensive Lorraine Schwartz earrings she wore to the Grammys

Ariana Grande on the red carpet
Ariana Grande caused quite a stir at this year’s Grammy’s with her billowing ballgown. Pic credit: © / Admedia

Ariana Grande impressed everybody at this year’s Grammys with not one, not two, but three different ballroom gowns.

However, these gowns were matched with two sets of gorgeous jewelry from the illustrious Lorraine Schwartz, and it seems one set of earrings took the singers fancy.

In an Instagram post by Lorraine Schwartz about the earrings, Ariana commented on how the jewelry was “sorely and deeply missed.” Although, she said, “earlobes are still recovering.”

They’re clearly on her mind as the 26-year-old singer continued: “I think of them constantly and wish we didn’t have to part.” She then eludes to thoughts of criminal activity when she says, “if they go missing it was Toulouse. Love and Thank U.”

Apart from being her partner in crime, Toulouse Lautrec Grande is Ariana’s pet dog, a Beagle-Chihuahua mix she picked up from a shelter in 2013.

Ariana Grande loves the Lorraine Schwartz earrings

Lorraine Schwartz, on being inundated with requests to see the bling in more detail, very helpfully posted the video to Instagram so we could all see the stunning jewelry up close and personal.

The post gives us a quick rundown of the features on the necklace and earrings.

The necklace has a “60-carat Columbian emerald that is a pear-shaped drop; just above that is the center stone which is a 15-carat cushion cut diamond,” and it is surrounded by other diamonds, naturally.

The earrings, themselves, Schwartz tell us “are a total weight of 64-carat [no wonder Ariana’s earlobes needed recovering] Colombian pear-shaped emeralds and the tops each have 2-carat ovals surrounded by diamond [obviously] pave.”

Instagram comment
Pic credit: Ariana Grande / Instagram

It’s all so beautiful and green and sparkly. “Amazing,” said Schwartz, and I think Ariana, Schwartz, and we are all in agreement.

Ariana’s billowing ballgown

Ariana caused waves and set Twitter afire when she started the Grammys in a Cinderella-style billowing Giambattista Valli blue-grey tulle dress with gloves.

The earrings were also from Lorraine Schwartz but were a more straightforward affair, of platinum-set diamond studs.

Ariana performed Thank U, Next, and Imagine at the Grammys ceremony this year.

This year’s biggest star of the Grammys, besides Ariana’s earrings, was undoubtedly Billie Eilish, who cleaned up with a whole pile of awards; nominated in six categories, she managed to grab hold of a trophy five times.

Billie gave a shout out to Ariana when she made her acceptance speech for Album of the Year; she graciously told the audience that Grande’s Thank U, Next deserved it more. “I love you so much,” Billie said.

However, Ariana was as gracious in defeat as Billie was in victory.

It was an eventful Grammys this year with lots of diverse happenings- away from the singing and the fancy frocks Bradley Cooper managed to fool everyone into thinking he’d peed on stage. Lovely.

Good times as always.

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