Anna Duggar reveals RV life is hard and gets questioned about car seats

Anna Duggar in a confessional on Counting On.
Anna Duggar shared photos that sparked questions. Pic credit: TLC

Anna and Josh Duggar have been on a vacation with their family over the last few weeks. They traveled to the Grand Canyon and then to California to visit Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo for the first time since their move.

Things appear to have been a little rough for the growing family as they navigated new adventures. Anna Duggar reportedly did most of the parenting and monitoring as they did things as one big family in California. With five little ones to keep track of and one more due in a few weeks, it was likely chaotic at times.

Now, Anna and Josh Duggar are headed back to Arkansas. It is a long road trip, but they have their RV, which makes it a little easier. When a fan asked Anna Duggar if they still travel by Duggar bus, she revealed they have their own mode of transportation now as their family has gotten bigger and is continuing to expand.

Comments from Anna Duggar's Instagram.
Followers want to know how Anna Duggar secures the kids in the RV. Pic credit: Instagram/@annaduggar

There was also a question about carseats in the RV. Anna Duggar did not respond about how she keeps her young children safe while traveling, which has raised a lot of questions.

To be fair, Anna and Josh haven’t done a lot of public outings in recent years. There are plenty of people who were supporting the family, while only a few wanted more details.

In the next few weeks, Anna Duggar will be delivering another little girl. She joins her sisters-in-law, Lauren Swanson and Kendra Caldwell, in welcoming baby girls in November. They are all due around the same time and will be the final Duggar grandchildren born in 2019. This will be the sixth child for Anna and Josh Duggar.

Their oldest child, Mackynzie just celebrated her 10th birthday while in California. It has been a long 10 years for Anna and Josh as their marriage ups and downs were played out in the public eye, and even though she acknowledges the sorrow, she is also celebrating their good times.

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