Amy Robach reportedly wanted to wait to announce divorce from Andrew Shue

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Amy Robach and her husband, Andrew Shue, were reportedly in the process of finalizing a divorce settlement before her reported romance with Good Morning America co-anchor T.J. Holmes went public.

An alleged extramarital affair between newscasters Robach and Holmes made headlines after several photos of the pair surfaced.

The Good Morning America hosts have reportedly been in a relationship since March 2022, while some sources claim that they did not split with their respective partners until August.

Allegations of the affair went public on November 30 after The Daily Mail published photos of the pair at a remote cottage in New York holding hands before Thanksgiving.

The co-hosts of ABC’s GMA3: What You Need to Know have returned to work but did not address reports of their alleged romance.

More details have emerged about Robach’s failing marriage to the actor.

Amy Robach was reportedly waiting to announce her split from estranged husband Andrew Shue

According to PEOPLE, Amy and Andrew were “about ready to settle their divorce” before the news about her alleged affair surfaced.

“They were waiting on [the settlement] to tell people,” a source told the publication, continuing: “The whole point of why she waited to share the news that her marriage was over: she went to [divorce] mediation.”

The source went on to claim that her cancer battle had preoccupied her time and her marriage began to crumble in the summer of this year amid issues already present in the relationship.

In 2013, the 49-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer and has reportedly been cancer-free as of March this year.

Robach has been married to Shue for 12 years. Shue starred in Beverly Hills 90210 and is best known for his portrayal of Billy Campbell on Melrose Place.

As for T.J. Holmes, he was married to his wife, Marilee Fiebig, a lawyer. The two married in 2010. They share one child, a daughter named Sabine. Holmes is reportedly separated from his wife; however, it is unclear when the estranged couple split.

Robin Roberts reportedly confronted T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach about the rumored affair

Roberts, a GMA co-host, reportedly confronted Holmes and Robach about rumors of an affair dated back years, according to Page Six.

An insider told the outlet Roberts “pulled them both aside and basically said, ‘Stop it.’” However, Holmes reportedly denied that the pair were engaged in an affair.

According to the outlet, Holmes reportedly took the issue to seniors at ABC, who dismissed the rumors, which affected his friendship with Amy.

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Hillary Kane
Hillary Kane
1 year ago

It is absolutely amazing that the press is acting as if these 2 people have committed some type of horrible crime. Both of their previous relationships were virtually over. They fell in love with each other, so what? ABC News president Kim Goodwin has already said that they did not break any existing network policy. That means they cannot be fired for falling in love with a co-worker…….even though that seems to be what some in the media are hoping for. The way I see it…….these are 2 adults……who they love is up to them. It is not up to some media hack to judge someone’s private life.