50 Cent turns himself into Post Malone, slams fake accounts with Tryna F*ck Me Over reference

50 Cent and Post Malone in a video
50 Cent and Post Malone in Tryna F*ck Me Over video. Pic credit: 50 Cent/ YouTube

50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) is fed up with people impersonating him on social media, and he expressed his displeasure last night by turning himself into Post Malone.

He also made reference to his 2015 mixtape track Tryna F*ck Me Over when he accused fake social media accounts of trying to “f*ck me over.”

The P.I.M.P. star told his Instagram followers that he would be turning comments off on his page to stop people trying to “f*ck me over.”

Don’t panic, though, cause you can still get all your Fiddy social media needs over on Twitter, where he says his account will be operating as usual.

50 Cent took Post Malone’s tattoos

He posted a heavily edited picture of himself with his face covered in Post Malone’s trademark tattoos, including barbed wire across his forehead and the words “Stay Away” and “Always Tired” around his eyes.

The pic had also been edited to give him curly brown hair.

And the caption read, “Y’all trying to f*ck me over, Y’all all tryin to f*ck me over. I’m turning my comments off there’s to many fake pages follow me on Twitter. (sic).”

The freaky picture caused quite a stir and had nearly a quarter of a million likes by the time of writing, so perhaps 50 Cent has made his point.

Some witty Instagram users suggested a name change of “Post Cent” or “50 Malone.”

50 Cent and Post Malone have collaborated together

50 Cent posted a throwback video of his track Tryna F*ck Me Over, which featured Post Malone, on YouTube on Tuesday, which might explain why the Hollywood is Bleeding rapper was on his mind.

The video features a Post Malone free of any facial tats for those of you curious as to how the rapper looked before he reached his currents heights of fame.

50 Cent has been in the news recently due to his ongoing feud with his son Marquise Jackson. Fiddy seemed to suggest he would choose disgraced rapper 6ix9ine over his biological son.

During an Instagram Live interview, Mr. Cent said, “He’s [6ix9ine] better than Marquise though, I’ll take him before I take my… F*ck that n***a.”

In January, 50 Cent had a star commissioned on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, which he received in the Recording category. Eminem and hip hop legend Dr. Dre turned out to support the P.I.M.P.

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